Luxury Whisper Rock Homes For Sale in Scottsdale, Arizona

Written by Posted On Thursday, 04 February 2016 22:30

When you think about luxurious living, does the state of Arizona come to mind? Have you heard of a place called Whisper Rock? Do you like golfing? Would you like to live the life of luxury without having to be surrounded by all the bright lights of the city? Whisper Rock homes for sale are in a Scottsdale, Arizona gated community, and you can see all kinds of pictures online for this amazing place. These pictures of the surrounding area and some of the homes are enough to make you drool.

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These homes are some of the finest homes out there on the market; custom built and with acreage available as well. There are lots that you can buy, but you can also search all the different listings of existing homes for sale. Not only are there homes for sale, but there are also vacation villas that people can buy. When people buy these vacation villas, they often lock them up during the summer if they are going to travel to cooler weather. Of course, many people still stick around during the hot summers in Whisper Rock.

One thing you'll love about this great area is the scenery. You're talking about gorgeous sunsets and a very unique landscape. Once you look at the unique architecture as well, you're going to start falling in love with some of these properties. Remember that this is a gated community, and this means that there are community amenities available. I'm not sure how many listings are still up for sale right at this moment, but there are a total of 200+ properties.

There is a pool and spa available, fitness facility, hiking trails and so much more within the community. There is also a golf club that you can join, and many of the people that live there do love golfing for sure. There is a picture of the on-site amenities that is just absolutely gorgeous. Read here to learn more about some of these specifics in the community.

Now you can imagine after hearing all of this that Whisper Rock homes for sale come with quite the hefty price tag. As you browse the listings for sale, you're not going to see them listed at hundreds of thousands of dollars. They have multi-million dollar price tags for sure, and the lowest one I see listed right now is 1.8 million dollars.

The homes are quite unique and different from one another. One of them I see that is almost 4 million dollars is right at around 8,000 square feet. I did see one more listing recently that was at 1.6 million, making it the cheapest available; cheaper than the one for 1.8 million dollars.

If you do feel like joining the Whisper Rock Golf Club separately, there are two wonderful golf courses to enjoy. You'll never see anything else like this community, and what's amazing to many is the fact that it's located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Some people are surprised to see amazing properties like these built in a desert community. You're not going to be thinking about the barren dessert when you see how cool these properties look though, and the area looks far from barren, to be sure.

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