4 Overlooked Updates Your Home Needs to Sell

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Okay, we all know that your kitchen and your bathrooms are two of the most important selling features of your home, and they should be improved upon as much as possible.  Here are some other aspects that are often overlooked when thinking about home improvements to sell a home. For more home selling ideas, read tips for selling your home in Chicago’s real estate market.


Roofing is a very important aspect of a home that is often overlooked by both buyers and sellers.  Buyers often assume that the roof of a home is good when going to view a home.  Not meeting that expectation can be a serious turn off and potential buyers.  Look for any signs of water damage or cracks in the ceiling, which usually are caused by a leaky roof.  Replacing a roof can be very expensive, so no potential buyer wants to take on the risk of a bad roof.  If you do notice damage from a leaky roof, it doesn’t mean that it is time to panic.  Have a roof expert inspect your roof.  Sometimes all that is needed are a few replacement shingles, which isn’t nearly as expensive as replacing the entire roof.  Spending a few hundred dollars can end up saving you thousands when it comes to negotiating the price of your home.


Windows play a very important factor in the curb appeal of your home.  New windows on a home make the house look new and fresh, whereas older, outdated windows can make the home seem run down and old.  We all know first impression counts for a lot, especially in real estate.  Older windows can also cause other issues, such as bad airflow in a home if the windows do not open or get stuck.  If the windows are not insulated well, they will now be able to keep the air out of the home.  This is a huge issue in climates with bad winters, such as the Chicago area where I live.  This alone can cause your heating bill to double in cost!


Heating and cooling systems are another aspect of home that the buyer assumes to be perfect when they buy.  Whatever your home uses for heating and cooling, make sure that all systems are working properly.  You do not want to get a good offer on your home, only to have it ruined by the heating and cooling systems not passing inspections.  As with the roof, repairing these issues can be expensive, and no buyer wants to take on that task.  Buyers want to feel as comfortable as possible when they move into their new home, and heating as cooling systems play a huge role in that.



Landscaping is another important factor to consider when thinking about the curb appeal of your home. You may want to consider either putting some sweat equity into your landscaping, or hiring a landscaping company to come and spruce things up.  Buyers may be deterred from purchasing your home if they have to walk through a jungle to get to the front door.  Good landscaping can do wonders for bringing out the best in your home.

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