Effective Online Marketing Strategies for Realtors

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The internet is the perfect platform for buying and selling real estate. Most people like to do their own research. This gives realtors a unique opportunity to reach a wider audience of people they would not have been able to communicate with in the past. The interactive nature of the internet also means you can update your audience with the latest news, listings and other developments in your industry. As the internet evolves and marketing strategies become more sophisticated, there are many effective online strategies realtors can use. These are some of them.


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Create a Website with Current Listings

Every business needs to be found online. This is particularly true for realtors. A modern website should include all of your details including contact details, contact form, subscriber forms, videos, images and the location of your business. If possible, have a section on your website that lists the current properties you have available like the Sunset Realty Services website does.

Create a Subscriber List

Creating an email subscriber list is a powerful way to market your realtor business online. You simply ask website visitors to submit their email address and other details. Once this happens each subscriber is added to a subscriber database. Each person in this database can be contacted through email. Building a subscriber list like this, is an effective way to keep in contact with people who are interested in real estate in your area. It’s also the perfect way to let people know about new properties for sale or other developments in the local real estate market.

Social Media

Social media websites attract millions of visitors every day. This means there is a constant flow of people who may be interested in properties you have on your books. Setting up your own social media profiles and pages gives you the opportunity to communicate with many of these people. For this approach to work effectively, you have to build positive relationships with the people you meet on these social media websites. It’s also important to publish high quality content that other people will find interesting.

Marketing through Visual Methods

A picture paints a thousand words. This is extremely important in the real estate industry. Each person who views a property wants to see what the interior and exterior of a property looks like. In the early days of the internet this was difficult to achieve. However, the latest video technologies, imaging technologies and streaming technologies make it much easier to view a property remotely.

Mobile Marketing

Browsing or purchasing online is no longer an activity that is restricted to your home or workplace. The latest developments in mobile communication systems have changed all of this for realtors. People can view properties, buy properties, inquire about properties and much more from any location by simply using their smartphones. Mobile real estate ads are also an effective way to grab the attention of mobile users.


One of the industries that can benefit the most from online marketing is the real estate industry. The interactive nature of the internet makes it the perfect place to find potential customers, communicate with them and deliver professional services.

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