How to Handle Problem Tenants – Dadeland Real Estate Agents Give Useful Tips

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Renting your house may seem an easy and a good source of monthly income. However, there are really BAD people around who are not easy to deal with. Tenants become difficult people when they stay for more than a stipulated term. In a recent survey conducted by the Dadeland realtors, it was disclosed that tenants are a serious cause of stress for landlords.

While giving away Dadeland condos and apartments for rent, the realtors suggest some important tips that help home owners to deal with these difficult set of people. Learn the proper way to handle such stressful situations.

Be professional

Being nice & courteous with your tenant doesn’t harm unless they also carry the same attitude. You need to behave professionally too as it is your business and you don’t wish to invite loss. There are some who might dominate your leniency and make you suffer.

Make it less damageable

Use such materials in your home that would not wear-out easily. It is intelligent to prepare your rental property to bear rough usage by the tenant so as to minimize the repairing and maintenance cost.

Stay alert

Even though they may seem normal at the beginning, the tenants can become dangerous and greedy. You have to be alert of their actions and be aware. You must visit your rental property occasionally to keep a track of any issues regarding the maintenance of neighborhood. It is good to stay informed of their conduct with the neighbors and have a check on their records.
Remember to notify the tenant prior to your visit (usually 24 hours). Being proactive is better than repenting later.

Build good relations

Maintain good terms and a respectable relation with your tenants from the beginning. Respond to their needs and emergencies whenever any repairs are to be made in the property to avoid building up distrust.

Have the right insurance plan

Ensure that you have an insurance plan to protect your valuable investment. Check whether the plan insures the building as well as its contents and whether it covers an emergency assistance and accidental damage.

Maintain accurate results

Having a data of your legal documents and all financial transactions will help you raise them in case of any conflict. Pile up the papers or save e docs of all the communications, warnings and requests that occurred between you and your tenant for future reference.


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