An Exquisite Collection of White Silestone Quartz Worktops for your Kitchen

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 17 February 2016 02:23

White stone worktops are a popular choice when sophistication, elegance and pure brilliance are the décor themes for a kitchen. And, when quality and unmatched craftsmanship are added to the list of desired attributes, nothing can beat the exquisitely beautiful white Silestone quartz worktops.

Available in a range of colour shades and patterns and textures, Silestone quartz countertops are composed of 94% natural quartz. As your kitchen countertop serves as daily work surface, the texture too becomes important as beauty also lies in touch. This same line of thought has made Silestone to offer worktops in three types of textures – Suede, Volcano and Polished. Suede is characterized by a luxurious matte finish while polished texture offers a glimmering radiance. Volcano texture is all about a rugged look and feel.

Kitchen worktops in Silestone Tigris Sand quartz 30mm thickness

If you are looking for a white kitchen worktop in a smooth or matte finish/texture, you have an array of options in white Silestone quartz worktops. Here are few popular variants that may impress you:

  • Silestone Orion White – Orion White is very popular with London households owing to its carrara marble look. It beautifully combines the white luminosity with subtle grey veins offering a rich look.
  • Silestone Ariel – This white quartz worktop spells magic with its bright white shade with minimal patterns offering ultimate elegance and class.
  • Silestone Blanco Orion – It is a variant from Siltstone’s Nebula Alpha Series and it is actually the original name in Spanish for Orion White quartz. If you are looking for a classy white shade with fine veins and polished texture, Blanco Orion would be a perfect choice.
  • Silestone White Diamond – From Silestone’s Eco Line Series, White Diamond features a spectacular white surface with a strong personality. It is an ideal choice for both modern and traditional kitchen décor themes.
  • Silestone Helix – A popular choice from Silestone’s Nebula Code Series, Helix exemplifies the softness of the colour white coupled with subtle grey patterns creating beautiful depths for making a lasting impact.  
  • Silestone Mont Blanc – Silestone Mont Blanc is for those who are looking for a white-grey surface scattered with beautiful multi-colour small stones. Coming from Silestone’s stone series, Mont Blanc worktops offer a magnificent look.
  • Silestone Lagoon – Lagoon is amongst one of the latest additions to Silestone’s Nebula Code Series. It features a unique mix of brown and grey veins against the white backdrop rendering an impressive look that can completely revamp the look of your entire kitchen.
  • Silestone White Storm – A variant from Silestone’s Custom Series, White Storm is preferred for its consistent design texture in white and grey shades with tiny grey dots all over. This is an excellent option for modern, contemporary kitchens.

If you have chosen a Silestone kitchen worktop for yourself, make sure to buy it from a leading Silestone quartz worktops approved supplier in London, United Kingdom.

Also, check out for special offers as many such suppliers provide exciting deals and offers at very competitive prices. You may end up getting your dream white Silestone quartz kitchen worktop (for example, Silestone Orion White or Bianco Rivers or Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme quartz) without entirely blowing your budget.

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