8 Traits of Amazing Interior Design

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Interior design can be interpreted a number of ways (just like art); but like art, it can transcend, transform, inspire, and invoke a positive response. Artist or not, following the principles described in the 8 interior design traits below can help you do wonders for your own abode. Use a few or use all of the following traits, just keep them balanced to create a fabulously designed space!


Design Qualities

Greatness favours the bold. Do not be afraid to use bright hues, large pieces, and unusual details. Heard of the saying about well-behaved women not making history? The same goes for interior design. You won’t want to play things safe if you want to create a lasting impression. Examples of how you can be bold without going too crazy is adding a wall of bookshelves in a bathroom, adding a pop of colour in a room, or installing an unexpected architectural detail such as a swooping ceiling.


Design Qualities2

Contrast can be created by using different textures, colours, height, sizes, and shapes. The key is in not over doing it and choosing different but complementary forms to create the contrast you want. Remember, you want to create interest, not chaos.


Design Qualities3

Small rooms can feel excessively cramped, but with properly executed interior design, you can transform a small room into a snug and cozy place to rest or relax one’s weary body. By using plush pillows, eye-catching accent pieces, and plump carpeting, not only will you create depth and the illusion of extra space, you’ll effectively make the room feel warm and inviting too.


Design Qualities4

The last thing you’d want is to make things seem out of place. There is a way to make an unexpected detail look like it should be there - and that’s by coordination! Use colour and texture to make pieces match with each other. It’s all about a sense of harmony!


Design Qualities5

Sophistication, elegance, timeless beauty – all have one thing in common, glamour! Small details do the trick, a rich fabric, an eye-catching metal piece, or a plush piece of furniture brings a touch of decadence in any room.


Design Qualities6

Period pieces should be placed with other period pieces to create harmony, same as colour selection should be in the same family with a few pops to produce interest. If your theme is shabby chic for a given room, then adding a few beach cottage details won’t hurt; but don’t go the minimalist modern and pair it with shabby chic, it just won’t work.


Design Qualities7

Use accessories to add whimsical details, especially in children’s rooms. Try various coloured round mats, fairy lights, or some bright pillows. The secret is in adding details in pairs so that they invoke the sense that they belong there.


Design Qualities8

If you want to create focal points, then you have to use symmetry. Symmetrical designs bring harmony to a room, making what you want to stand out be more noticeable without sticking like a sore thumb. One way of adding symmetry is by using wallpapers, paint, or fixtures in a manner that mirrors the other side.

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