Interior Design Trends In Real Estate For Touristic Purposes

Written by Posted On Monday, 29 February 2016 22:09
Interior Design Trends In Real Estate For Touristic Purposes

A rather dull room can be transformed into a paradise of comfort and symbol of elegance using great interior design ideas. This concept has become common in real estate, especially when it comes to designing hostels, apartments and villas that also serve as residences for tourists. When people travel to foreign places for the purposes of relaxation and new experiences, they expect to create memories that would last a life time. Accommodation facilities with stylish interior design themes therefore make for a great way to attract tourists and make their stay comfortable and memorable. These are some of the current interior design trends in real estate for facilities used in the accommodation of tourists.


Most hostels tend to have a common dining area and a lounge where guests get to relax and enjoy some entertainment. The color scheme in design themes is very important because it helps to add warmth into the whole interior decor. The dining areas and lounges can be fixed with great lighting using chandeliers or sconces to create a sense of elegance and class. Since the common room is a shared space, having a pool table and a bar in it is ideal for entertainment. For efficiency, most beds used in hostels are equipped with reading lights, wonderful duvets and matching curtains to enhance the privacy of guests. Rooms can be decorated with mirrors or art paintings that represent some of the tourist attractions available locally. Most designers prefer to mix traditional, modern and contemporary design themes to create wonderful design concepts.


Some tourists prefer to stay in apartments because they are highly affordable but still able to give them the feeling of being home away from home. Most apartments are boxy by design and it's nice to add a few curves just for fun. Shaped rugs or chairs that have curves are some of the ways in which that can be achieved. Lighter rugs are also nice for brightening up the rooms. A lot of people are doing away with blinders and going with curtains to add a touch of glamour into apartment rooms. Many experts in the industry, such as the realty agents from Basco, advise creating an elevated storage platform to provide guests with enough space for storage while still making the rooms spacious. Kitchen backdrops are mostly made of steel or marble for elegance and for ease of cleaning. Chandeliers are ideal for lighting in apartment design and art pieces can make for great focal points in the rooms. Marble tiles are fairly easy to clean and are preferred for apartment flooring.


For the exotic and affluent traveler, luxury villas provide the best means of accommodation. It should allow guests to see more of the outdoors even when they are indoors and for that reason most of the walls are made of glass. Guests can therefore comfortably watch the setting sun or the ocean waves from the comfort of their rooms. Using wooden shutters for the upper levels increases ventilation and also improves energy conservation since air conditioning will only be limited to a few rooms. Living rooms are sparsely furnished so that the focus is turned to the outdoor views. Neutral colors make the rooms luxurious while minimalist art decors add excitement into the design themes.

Interior design in accommodation facilities for tourists is important because the current crop of travelers expect to get maximum value for money. As such, making their stay memorable and worthwhile through wonderful interior decor is one way of creating wonderful memories and experiences for them.

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