7 Ways To Attract Young Investors To Buy Your Home

Written by Posted On Thursday, 03 March 2016 09:02

Finding the right person to buy your home can be a rather intimidating task to many. Nonetheless, the first step to selling your house is by first identifying your target audience. With many young people looking for homes to buy, you should ensure your home fits their likes and preferences to attract them your way. Understanding what young people look for in home should therefore give you an upper hand in the market. To attract such young investors, you should:


1.Capitalize on white cabinetry. Young homeowners (under 40 years) prefer white and lighter colors on their cabinets as compared to the original dark colors. If you had used dark colors on cabinets (in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedrooms), you should then consider minor renovations and ensure they are white in color. Youths also prefer oil based or latex paints, as they do not attract dirt or dust. 

2.Use warm colors on walls: Warm and neutral colors make it possible for young homeowners to bring in clean-lined furnishings that complement the wall. Neutral colors are also relaxing hence make homes more comfortable to live in.   The once golden and pink colors are considered dull, hence no longer appreciated anymore. 

3.Replace old appliances with new ones:  Although almond appliances where a ’hit’ back then, times have changed and young people prefer stainless steel instead. This is because stainless steel is longer lasting, easier to clean and maintain, and shiny.  You may therefore need to update all your appliances to the much newer stainless steel ones. 

4.Make use of stone countertops: The type of countertops in your home can attract or put off potential high-value buyers.  The younger generation today prefers stone or granite countertops to all the others.  This is not only because granite/stone countertops are easier to work on or clean, but also have minimal veining or colors.  They also compliment many other updated household appliances on the market today. Picky buyers may be turned off by colorful countertops hence the reason why you should avoid too many colors as much as possible. 

5.Invest in a large shower space:   Young people love their space especially when in the shower room. Most young couples like having a shower together, which means bigger shower rooms will be much appreciated.According to Cash Closing Home Buyers this will decrease property selling times. 

6.Invest in a simple setup:  As you might have noticed already, simplicity intrigues the young generation. It is for this reason you ought to ensure you not only invest in a simple home setup, but also clear off any unfinished projects. Strive to remove any red flags or unfinished projects especially if you target young people with little children. 

7.Consider fixer-upper:  A handful of youths love the good olden house setups especially in famous neighborhoods. You can still attract many potential buyers especially if the house is well kept and in top-notch condition. Most people will want to renovate a house to fit their preferences, but only if it is reasonably priced.  Going for a fixer-upper may, therefore, be an excellent option for you.

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