Manage, Market and Sell: The Tools You Need To Sell Your Home Quickly In 2016

Written by Posted On Monday, 14 March 2016 05:44

When it comes to getting your property sold quickly in the modern age, you are going to need more than a high value home and a gift for presentation. After all, the level of value in the market has become increasingly disproportionate in recent times, have prices have continued to rise at a faster rate than earnings. This means that while demand has outstripped demand in the market recently, this is beginning to diminish as a larger number of buyers are priced out of contention.         


What do you need to sell your home quickly (and for a profit)?

With this in mind, it is worth understanding precisely what it takes to sell your home quickly in the modern age. This will help you to take practical steps on the path towards achieving your goals.

An ability to manage expectations

When the level of supply was the sole issue in the housing market, vendors could place a premium on their homes and trigger bidding wars between aspiring buyers. This is no longer possible as demand begins to waver, however, so it is important that home-owners manage their expectations in terms of what they aim to sell their property for.

This demands a focused and detailed approach, as you first take time to research the market and the regional trends that ill impact on the value of your home. Then you will need to balance the need for a quick sale with the price demands of the market, as you look to offer an incentive to buyers and encourage them to make a purchase.

Expert advice or help from market professionals

This is more of a practical requirement for selling your home quickly, as you will need to seek out expert advice and guidance if you are to thrive in what is becoming an extremely price sensitive market. This may be as simple as having your property officially valued, as you look to determine whether there are any modifications that can increase the value of your home.

You may also decide to partner with a quick house sale firm like the Open Property Group, who can purchase your property directly for cash within a seven day period. While these outlets offer below market value for real estate (so that they can make a future profit), the inflated nature of current price points makes this an increasingly popular option in 2016.

An ability to negotiate

This is similar to our first point, as you must be able to interact with buyers and negotiate effectively if you are to complete a quick and satisfactory sale. This rule of selling applies to any market or purchasing process, as both buyers and vendors want to leave with a deal that offers them value and incentive in equal measure.


You will therefore need to be skilled in the art of negotiation, communicating openly with buyers and remaining cool in the face of pressure. Have a clear understanding of your minimum price before going in, while also strive to be fair wherever possible. If you become greedy, you will be unable to sell regardless of any rapport you may have with a buyer.

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