Easy Spring Cleaning Tips to Get Your Home Spring-Perfect

Written by Posted On Thursday, 17 March 2016 11:58

Is your home ready for spring? If you’re dreading spring cleaning, then the following spring cleaning tips are for you! All you need is a long weekend and some elbow grease to get your home spring-ready in no time!

Start with the Doormats

Spring Cleaning Tips

Doormats need to make you and your visitors feel welcome. If there is an appropriate time to give your doormats the toughest cleaning they can take, now would be it. Keeping them clean also makes them extra effective for catching dirt too!


Refinish or Reseal Your Floors

Spring Cleaning Tips2

Prepare and protect your floors from another year of wear and tear by applying wax or resealing as needed. Perhaps even go for a polishing treatment if you feel like it. This not only adds value to your home, it makes everything looking extra chic too!


Give Your Upholstery and Carpets a Thorough Cleansing

Spring Cleaning Tips3

A full year’s worth of grime, bacteria, sweat, body oil and germs are on your carpet and upholstery right now, would you really want them to remain there longer? Either DIY this or hire a home cleaning company to shampoo and cleanse your carpet and upholstery, more so if you’ve got sickly or allergy-prone family members. This cleaning might need a day or more of drying time so schedule this when you’re not expecting guests to drop by.


Pay Attention to Your Cabinets, Walls, Woodwork, and Baseboards

Spring Cleaning Tips4

Feel that your place is looking a bit drab or outdated? Before you go on scheduling a paint job, consider giving your cabinets, woodwork, baseboards, and walls a wash. You’d be surprised at what two buckets, a sponge mop, and some dishwashing liquid can do to transform your home. It’s great arm workout as well!


Light Fixtures Need Cleaning Too!

Spring Cleaning Tips5

Get your stepladder out, a sponge, a polishing cloth, and an all-purpose cleaner to give your light fixtures a new life. Your home will become instantly brighter and more cheerful, perfect for spring!


Don’t Forget Ceiling Fixtures

Spring Cleaning Tips6

Air conditioners, ceiling fans, and vents can accumulate a lot of dust. A full dusting and vacuuming should make them function as though they’re new again.


Time for a Coil Check-up

Spring Cleaning Tips7

Your refrigerator has a condenser coil that needs to be cleansed to remove lint and dust. Too much dust and dirt can cause it to overheat and shut down. Simply scoot or wheel out your refrigerator just until your vacuum can reach the coil. Vacuuming in low setting should do the trick. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a year’s worth of lost trinkets behind your refrigerator courtesy of Mr. Pebbles, Kibbles, or your kid (roommate not exempted as well).


Speaking of Vacuuming...

Spring Cleaning Tips8

There is absolutely no need to drag all the furniture to another room or to the lawn just to vacuum everything thoroughly. Simply vacuum each room in sections, moving every furniture just a few feet away and bringing it back to its original spot when done. Your back will thank you later.

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