10 Recommended Home Upgrades for Reselling

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Just because you’re letting go of your home does not mean that you can stop caring about how it looks and doing upgrades. In fact, the best time to do home upgrades is within a year of selling your home. This gives you enough time to ‘enjoy’ the upgrades while not letting them get too used or worn out for prospective buyers to be drawn to.

We’ve compiled 10 of the recommended home upgrades our colleagues have shared with us. Whether you’re keen on selling soon or is still thinking about it, it won’t hurt to have an idea about the best home upgrades for making your home more marketable below!

Installing Hardwood Floors

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You’re lucky if you already have hardwood floors because all you’ll have to do is to have them sanded and resealed. Hardwood floors are an all-time favourite amongst buyers so if your floor needs replacing, this is a safe and smart option.

Build or Renovate Your Master Ensuite

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A beautiful master ensuite is always a major selling point. If you don’t have one, now will be the time to have it built. If you’re renovating, consider adding double sinks, heated floors, a rainshower head that’s separate from the tub, and a bit of luxury such as an air jet tub or a whirlpool tub

Have Radiator Covers

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Yes, it is purely superficial, but radiator covers always a touch of elegance in any home.

Finish Your Basement 

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A finished basement means extra living space that future buyers will enjoy. Consider digging further down to increase your basement’s ceiling height if it is too low. Make sure the floor is leveled and it won’t hurt to install some broadloom.

Use Premium Broadloom

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Broadloom is very fashionable and is much appreciated in bedrooms. If yours are in need of replacement, make sure that you replace it with a neutral contemporary one for maximum (but understated) impact.

Go for an Additional Bedroom

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Homes with 3 or more bedrooms command higher prices and are more sought-after than homes with less bedrooms. If building more isn’t an option, consider converting extra space in your basement or attic into a bedroom. If you’ve got an extra big-enough bedroom, it can also be divided into two as long as the resulting rooms are not too small.

Build a Front Porch

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Front porches are making a huge comeback. If this is too expensive, opt for a portico or if you’ve got a sizable backyard, then a deck would be a great home addition.

Don’t Forget Landscaping

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Beautifully maintained gardens with attractive plants and hardscaping add elegance to any home. Even smaller homes benefit from this.

Upgrade Your Lighting

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Dingy lights and broken chandeliers make your home look outdated and uncared for, thereby decreasing its value. Replace old and broken lights with contemporary options and let light give your home a new life!

Do a Kitchen Upgrade

home upgrades10

We’ve saved the best for last. Kitchen upgrades are the most popular renovations and the most rewarding. You don’t even have to do a complete makeover. Simply have key appliances (such as the ref and stove) replaced and the countertop either replaced or restored. These changes attract buyers’ attention and really increase your home’s value.

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