Canadians Buying Real Estate in South Florida

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8/2015- To my Canadian buyers.  Here is the latest update in Florida.  Canadians rank the highest international buyers for Florida for another year.  There are still many foreclosures, short sales and deals to be had here on the East Coast.  Being Canadian myself and living here in Florida I have helped many Canadians find their piece of paradise.  There is a comfort level with many being that I am Canadian myself.  
 I have helped Canadians from all over including Ontario, Ottawa,  Montreal, Toronto, Newfoundland, Mississauga, Vancouver and more.  If you want someone to help you with your purchase that is from you home and native land. Give me a call

Last year was a record year for cold and snow in Canada.  Some say the worst since they can remember.  It is only November and bitter cold and snow records are being set already.  Have you had enough?  Ready to get your piece of the sunshine state.  Ready to be comfortable in your own living space with all the amenities that a Hotel just cant offer you?  Prices have been climbing steadily in Florida the last few years but its not too late to get a bargain.  

As someone who grew up in Canada until my late 20s and is still a Canadian Citizen, I have a unique perspective and experience that will benefit snowbirds and those currently residing in other states and countries. As I also have personal experience in real estate investment prior to moving to Florida, I understand the unique needs and concerns of first-time buyers in the South Florida market.  I am in a word a Canadian Citizen who is a Realtor in Florida.  

It is always my pleasure to assist my fellow Canadians in finding their Tropical Dream Home or Investment/Retirement Home for the future. 
I certainly can appreciate why moving to Sunny Florida and taking advantage of the great deals as well as cheaper living is so important to Canadians.  I never really adjusted to the bitter cold winter in Toronto, Ontario.  I did take part in winter activities but just could not get into it.  Long cold winters had taken there toll on me. I'm the kinda person who is ok with 3.5 seasons. 
When my parents retired to Florida, I followed shortly afterwards.  It's been 16 yrs now and I am loving every sunny day.  Since I grew up with family weekends on the boat up in Penetanguishene, I take every advantage of enjoying boating here in Florida.  It's Great!  There is nothing like eating the fish you caught yourself earlier that morning.  I still visit my brother who lives in Caledon, Ontario every Christmas.  This way I get a little bit of the Winter feeling during the holidays.  
I have prepared a special report just for snowbirds. 
The latest update with the Canadian Dollar vs. the U.S Dollar and the Florida Market being a buyers market makes buying in South Florida a better deal to Canadians.  Let me help you find the home on the water you always wanted. 
Did you know?
Top 8 Canadian places that buy in Florida
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Halifax and Bagotville...I have no idea where this even is
78% of Canadians travel to Florida for leisure. 
Most Canadians visit Florida from January to April
Many Canadians drive to Florida
Canadian beer tastes better than American beer (did I say that, opps)
To get more information on Canadians buying in Florida click here
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