12 Tips on Decorating with Mirrors for Extra Light and Style

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Every good decorator loves using mirrors and the reason why is not a secret. Mirrors are known to create, bounce, and diffuse light in a room plus help enhance views and opens up a small space. The key to achieving this lies in how the mirrors are placed. Below are 12 of a decorator’s best-kept tricks of the trade when using mirrors for decorating.

Windows Flanking a Full-Length Mirror

home mirror ideas

This decorating trick creates the illusion that you’ve got a third window and maximizes natural light. Not only that but it lends a casual vibe to a room.

Framed Mirror in the Kitchen

home mirror ideas2

Wood-framed or rattan-framed mirror in the kitchen creates a homier vibe and dresses up your kitchen area without making it look like too artificial.

Big Mirror Behind a Chest

home mirror ideas3

Works for small condominiums, rooms, and apartments, this decorating trick fools the eye by suggesting that there’s more space than meets the eye. Looks quite glamourous too!

Art Flanking a Narrow Mirror

home mirror ideas4

Beef up a faceted or narrow mirror with a pair of complementary artwork. The key here is applying symmetry and balancing out the contrast.

Console Revived by a Sunburst Mirror

home mirror ideas5

Consoles tend to be boring and blend into the wall. Spice up a console table by placing a sunburst mirror over it. You’ll be surprised at how good this arrangement looks!

Sunburst Mirror Over a Bed

home mirror ideas6

That big blank space above your headboard will look all-glammed-up just by adding a sunburst mirror. Just make sure you get the size right.

Beautiful Mirrors Behind Lamps

home mirror ideas7

Amp up your lamps’ light by strategically placing mirrors behind them. Beautiful frames add a pretty architectural and textural detail.

Adjacent Walls Decorated with Mirrors

home mirror ideas8

Bounce light around a room by lining two adjacent walls with mirrors. This works amazing at a dining room, a den, or a gym. Be warned though that multiple reflections can sometimes seem confusing!

Mirror Across a Window

home mirror ideas9

Have a space that’s lacking in windows and natural light? Add a mirror across an existing window! This decorating trick is bound to make your room feel sunnier and make it seem more spacious too!

Mirror Kitchen Backsplash

home mirror ideas10

Weird as this decorating trick may seem, using a mirrored backsplash is more rewarding than you think. Make use of some old or antique mirrors to hide splatters.

Huge Mirror Above a Mantel

home mirror ideas11

Filling the space above your mantel with a customized mirror lends a sleek and modern look that’s hard to ignore. This is definitely a head-turner!

Full-Length Mirrors for a Home Gym

home mirror ideas12

A whole wall plastered with a single piece of floor to ceiling mirror can seem a tad outdated and makes your home gym feel like a public one. Full-length mirrors can be repurposed elsewhere when not needed anymore and makes your home gym feel like an upscale studio instead.

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