Features That Will Give You More Bedroom Storage

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Don’t you just hate how bedrooms have that innate ability to somehow end up looking cluttered? From stacks of magazines, a few books, to some clothes strewn everywhere, even the most well-maintained bedrooms always seem to be in need of more storage to hide your personal things.

Here are some features that will give you more bedroom storage no matter how big or small your bedroom is:

Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Narrow and tall cabinets pack a lot of vertical storage space without taking much of the floor area. Use this to store clothes, accessories, and whatever else your heart desires.

Really Wide Dresser

Bedroom Storage Ideas2

The empty space on each side of a dresser is often wasted, so why not fully extend the dresser and get more storage as well? Achieve this by lining an entire wall with one long dresser or a few matching ones to make use of every last inch.

A Wardrobe Rack

Bedroom Storage Ideas3

Forget about tossing clothes on the floor or a chair, hang them on a simple wardrobe and put them on display! This also means easy access for your favourite pieces!

A Makeshift Closet

Bedroom Storage Ideas4

Transforming one wall into a closet by using hanging rods, drawers, and shelves looks really chic. Your clothes can easily be hidden by installing curtains too!

Bedside Tables with Storage

Bedroom Storage Ideas4b

Bedside tables with drawers or cabinets free up much-needed space. Use that space to store beddings, blankets, and some books.

A Big Basket

Bedroom Storage Ideas5

Another way to hide extra pillows and sheets is to tuck them away hidden in a big basket. This can also work on clothes, toys, and other personal items. Hey, why not use several matching big baskets instead?

Built-In Extra Storage

Bedroom Storage Ideas6

You can achieve this by either building a wall of shelves in both sides of your bed or go all-in-one by installing custom cabinetry that includes everything – a wardrobe, a nightstand, and a headboard! Tall nooks can store books, while some can be built just like cabinets to hold seasonal things.

Bed with Storage

Bedroom Storage Ideas7

Why not purchase a bed with storage underneath to begin with? Beds like this used to have a cringe-worthy reputation but contemporary designs are actually really beautiful and functional. If you cannot find a design you like, you can also opt to have one designed by a professional or go the DIY route by fitting old drawers with casters so that they can simply slide under the bed. 

Vertical Storage

Bedroom Storage Ideas8

If space is really tight, consider adding more storage by using narrow tables or consoles and installing wall hooks instead of shelves. Wall hooks make for a great way to display jewelry and scarves too!

Hidden Storage

Bedroom Storage Ideas9

Use pull-out shelves to really utilize every last inch, including hard-to-reach areas that often goes to waste. Designs are available on the internet but for a seamless look, it will be better to hire a pro to do this for you.

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