28 Curb Appeal Ideas To Prepare Your Home To Sell

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28 Curb Appeal Ideas To Prepare Your Home To Sell


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There is a lot of preparation involved before placing your home on the market for sale.  One of the most overlooked elements by many homeowners is the importance of curb appeal.

What kind of impression is your home making to a potential buyer?


curb appeal ideasWhen meeting with a potential seller we discuss in depth that curb appeal includes the overall condition of the landscaping, the location of their home on the street and the overall neighborhood.

My first suggestion to is to tell them to spend a few minutes and walk across the street and take a good look at their home.

Little things like a few weeds, overgrown shrubs, peeling paint or an unkempt lawn can cause enough doubt to make a buyer go elsewhere.


Making a quality first impression is essential in what a buyer sees and feels during a drive by or viewing photos online.


Put yourself in the place of a buyer.  Do they drive through neighborhoods looking for homes? Of course they do…..

But sometimes before they even get in the car they’re doing a lot of research online first….and the pictures they look at of the exterior and landscaping can possibly make or break their decision on which homes they choose to see.

Fortunately improving the curb appeal & appearance of your home can be fixed with an open mind, a bit of money and a little time.

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