How to Build a Happier Home and Enjoy Year Round Sun For Just a Few £1000

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There is little doubt that most people enjoy the sun.  Warmth and sunshine often bring a welcome smile to the face of s many.

For almost 8 months of the year, life in the UK can easily become an indoor activity, sleep, work home in the dark and mostly cold or very cool climate.  The lack of exposure to sunshine also comes with its health risks – the lack of Vitamin D – and all the problems that come with it.

The one thing that isn't lacking during the months from September to May though, is sunlight.  With the addition of a conservatory in your home, you can harness the power of the sun, all year round, be warm, improve your supply of natural Vitamin D and make your home a happier place.

If you drive on a regular basis, then you will know what it is like driving on a cold but sunny day.  When the car is in the sun, you feel warm, peaceful and relaxed.  You will probably turn down the heating and all of a sudden, the world feels like a better place to be.

Having a conservatory on a cold sunny day has the same impact. It enables you to trap the sun, gain the warmth, relax and enjoy your time in your home.  The conservatory quickly becomes the focal point of the home for various parts of the day, especially when the family are at home and the sun is shining.

You can enjoy breakfast in an east facing conservatory, supper in a west facing one and up to 17 hours of sunshine in a south facing conservatory – even on frosty mornings.  You can benefit from that glorious radiant sunshine all year round.

Types of Conservatories

The most common complaint is that conservatories are expensive.  And the honest answer to that is they can be, but they really don't have to be.

A 3m by 4m conservatory, installed by  local double glazing company will cost you somewhere around £10,000.  That is not cheap by any means.

However, a self built conservatory, purchased online from a Do It Yourself (DIY) conservatory company, can cost you as little as £3000.  The downside is that you have to built it yourself.

The Ease of Building a DIY Conservatory

For some people putting up shelves is a major challenge.  If you fall into that category, then don't try to install your own DIY conservatory.

If on the other hand you are really comfortable putting up your own shelves and you have even assembled your own flat pack furniture, and it is still standing, then assembling a DIY conservatory is within your reach.

The beauty with modern technology is that you don't have to actually build the conservatory.  You won't have to dig foundations and you won't have to lay bricks.

Assembling a DIY conservatory does not require any specialist skill at all.  It is designed for the person that is comfortable putting up their own shed, or garden fence.  If you can do those then the chance is you can also put up a new conservatory.

And the beauty of doing it yourself, with a family member or helpful neighbour, is that you will save thousands of pounds in the process.


So if you want to inject sunlight and warmth into your life, look no further than a DIY conservatory.

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