How to Remove Stains and Cracks from Carrara Marble Worktops?

Written by Posted On Saturday, 30 April 2016 04:51

Carrara marble worktops are among the most sought-after worktop materials. Carrara is one of the best natural marbles from Italy.

Although marbles of all types may stain.

Does Bianco Carrara marble face the same problem or is it in a different league altogether?

Bianco Carrara Marble by MKW Surfaces for Casa Di Mama in Regent Street, London

The straight answer is yes, it can stain. After all, Carrara is also a type of marble and like all other marbles it can collect stains, especially in a place like a kitchen. However, the good news is, with proper care, you can protect your precious Carrara marble worktops from staining. The following tips should help you in this regard. If you are looking to use Carrara marble in London, you should keep these tips in mind.

Clean it thoroughly

Use warm water and mild cleansers to clean worktops.

You should not use soaps or detergents as it may result in dark spots on the stone over time.

You can purchase cleansing agents that are made specifically for marble. These can also be used mixed with water. Use a soft piece of cloth to rub the stains while you apply such cleaning agents. Avoid using very strong agents that are known to be abrasive.


A more permanent measure is to use a good sealant on the surface. However, it does not last forever. So, you have to do it at least once per year. This blocks the pores on the marble surface and prevents liquid of various types from seeping in. By preventing moisture, sealing enhances the life of the marble. Your marble dealer should be able to guide you regarding good quality sealant.


In order to remove mild stains, you can also try polishing with a cloth. You can get these at the nearest hardware stores or ask your marble supplier. You may also look for marble powder specifically made for such purposes. Just sprinkle it on the surface and then rub mildly using a piece of wet cloth to remove the spots.

Crack Repair

If your surface is already showing cracks, you may probably need professional help. Home remedies will not work in such cases and you may end up damaging it further. Find a good crack repair service who knows how to apply sealants and fillers in the cracks and make them look completely new and unblemished.

Please feel free to use these tips and ensure that your Carrara marble worktop remains as good as new for many years.

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