7 Tips to consider when looking for a new condo in Calgary

Written by Posted On Monday, 16 May 2016 00:52

Anytime you want to Find New Condos in Calgary, there are several factors that you must put into consideration. Getting what you need has never been a walk in the park not only in Calgary but all over the world.

Here are a few tips on how to Find New Condos in Calgary:

1. Hire a professional real estate condo agent

It’s advisable to look out fore a professional real estate agent who is very conversant with condos. Having a real estate agent or a condo specialist will ensure that your interests are protected apart from guiding you through the crucial process of making informed decisions. The real estate agent will take you around apart from handling all details; this will ensure that the buying process is hassle free.

2. Look for a condom that befits your criteria apart from considering its resale potential

Make sure that you have asked the condo specialist about the developer’s reputation, the resale market, past projects as well as the floor plan. Al, the aforementioned factors could affect the resale price.

3. Consider the location and view within the building

Try top avoid units that are near garbage areas. A good view and location will go a long way in ensuring that your stay in Calgary is enjoyable. Keep in mind that below average views can adversely affect the resale potential.

4. Visit the condo site in

Pay a visit in the morning, afternoon as well as the evening so that you can monitor the traffic patterns.
Anytime you want to Find New Condos in Calgary, it’s vital to set aside one day and visit the place in the morning, afternoon and evening so that you can monitor the traffic patterns as well as the natural light exposure inside the unit. Having south facing windows has the potential of heating things up during summer while condos that have little exposure to light seem dull and gloomy.

5. Ensure that the condo has a parking stall

In a city like Calgary, every condo must have a parking stall. There are people who may feel like they might not need a parking stall because they do not own a motor vehicle. A condo that has no parking stall has the potential of affecting its resale value dramatically. A condo that is spacious is advantageous because you never know when you need some space.

6. Ensure that the building has visitors parking stalls

Does that building have parking stalls for visitors? And if it has, how many are they? If you’re planning on entertaining your family members or even friends, having a visitors packing in a new condo in downtown Calgary area is an added advantage as this reduces inconveniences to the people that you love and cherish. Your loved ones will definitely feel appreciated.

7. Security is vital

What kind of security features does the condo have? Are the features enough to make you feel secure and safe while living here? Having well secured buildings means that the residents will always have peace of mind while living here. This also assists in maintaining the value of the building.

8. Read the fine print before signing anything

As with all contracts, it’s vital to read the condo documents that the developer will provide you. In Calgary, the developers have the legal responsibility of providing you with all the paperwork.

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