Making Your Home Garage Look Professional

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The garage of your average home is rarely used to actually store a car. It’s often used to store the superfluous junk that you can’t find another place for in your home! And even when the garage is being used to store a car, it doesn’t seem to serve any other function. In either case, the garages of most homes end up being total wastes of potential.

One of the best things you can do for your garage is aim to make it look professional. Sure, that might make it sound like it will have a less “homely” feel by the end of the process. But since when is anybody’s garage particularly homely? By cleaning up your garage and making it look more like a professional workspace, you bring several benefits. The most obvious is that you’ll now have a clean garage. The most important is that you can raise the value of your home by having a garage that looks professional. If it just looks like a miscellaneous junk room then it's not going to impress anyone very much!

Here are some tips for getting your garage to look extra sharp.


Clearing it out

This may not apply to everyone. After all, some of you are actually using your garage to store a car! But whatever you’re currently using the garage for, you should start getting rid of the stuff you don’t need in there. Have you been letting wayward possessions build up? Get rid of them or find a new place to store them. If you’re really stuck, you look into installing overhead storage for your garage.

Floor plan

Once you’ve cleared it out, start getting a floor plan together. Measure the space and draw a rough, birds-eye view sketch of everything. (Or, if that’s too 1999 for you, use design software to do it!) Understand the scale of the place, as well as where the space is relative to the entry points. This will help you work out what you can place in there going forward.



A new coat of paint seems to solve a lot of problems, doesn’t it? The first thing you probably thought about here is the walls. If there’s peeling paint on the walls, then definitely go for it. But what about the floors? A professional garage usually has those shiny, plasticky floors that suit the work that gets done in there. It’s actually easier than you think to get a floor like this - because it’s just the type of paint that’s being used! It’s called epoxy floor paint.

Get tools - and the means to store them

How professional can a garage really seem if it doesn’t have the right tools? And it’s not just about what tools you have in the garage. You also have to consider how they’re being stored. If they’re all just lazily piled into a rusty toolbox, then that doesn’t seem very “user-friendly”. What you should look into is hanging your tools from the wall. It puts all those professional tools on display and within easy reach. Of course, you’ll want to put them within an adult’s reach only!



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