Design Tips: Lighting Your Kitchen Island Like a Pro

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The kitchen island is one of the most used central gathering spots in the modern home. Today, it is so much more than just a functional workspace, but also a major aesthetic component especially in homes with an open floor plan. These are way it is important to provide both task and ambient lighting to dress your kitchen island to be the central hub that it’s bound to be. Below are some lighting tips to achieve this.

Pendant Lights

Kitchen Island Lighting

Pendant lights grouped together or perhaps arranged in a symmetrical pattern adds dramatic simplicity to any space, especially in the kitchen. This understated elegance stands out even more when there is a chandelier nearby, like over the dining table. Go for the schoolhouse or bell shape to be on the safe side and don’t forget to match the finish with other lighting fixtures to tie them all together.

Track Lights

Kitchen Island Lighting2

Looking like modern and gallery-like lights, track lights are far from being a thing of the past. They are best for smaller spaces as they do not take up space and are easy to hide between beams for an open and airy feel.


Kitchen Island Lighting3

Chandeliers are best as a statement piece, so make sure that other nearby lights are not so grand-looking. Keeping everything else in the vicinity of the chandelier simple makes for

Multi-Bulb Fixtures

Kitchen Island Lighting4

If you want some major bling without adding clutter to how the kitchen looks, go for a multi-bulb fixture. Choose a shade that offers a transitional effect for a timeless elegance that fits with any space.

Wide Fixtures

Kitchen Island Lighting5

One wide fixture will give better lighting by minimizing shadows as compared to installing several pendants. For an eclectic vibe, you can’t go wrong with installing multiple exposed bulbs.

Combining Metals

Kitchen Island Lighting6

Go for a mixture of the various metal finishes in your kitchen. One great combination is partnering warm brass with stainless steel because they balance out each other beautifully.

Dropped Ceilings

Kitchen Island Lighting7

A dropped panel is perfect for when you want recessed fixtures but your existing ceiling is just not for it. Not only will a dropped panel allow you to install wiring and hide them, it will also anchor a kitchen island perfectly!

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