10 Ways to Conserve Energy and Reduce Electricity Bill

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10 Ways to Conserve Energy and Reduce Electricity Bill


Whether or not you are new to Nevada, you may be looking for ways to conserve energy and reduce the electricity bill. You may be worried at as the temperature is rising, you’re going to be presented with a huge power bill because of how hard your AC is working just to keep your home at a tolerable temperature. We’ve felt the pain of Southern Nevada Summer bills and have listed several ways you can cut back on energy!


  1. Turn it off!

One of the top ways to conserve energy and reduce your electricity bill is by turning things off! If you live with multiple people, this may be hard, but get everyone on board and have times when all the lights are off but the light in your living room (for example). Doing this will enable you all to significantly reduce power usage. You will also want to make sure that your game boxes, computers, and TVs are off while not in use. This small way to conserve energy alone will really help reduce your electricity bill!

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  1. Turn down the temperature on your water heater

Most of your appliances such as your dishwasher and washer only need the water to be 120 degrees. By reducing the temperature on your water heater, you can save over $60 a year! This is such an easy adjustment as all you have to do is make the change on your water heater, and then don’t have to think about it again! Another way to conserve energy along the same lines is to let your fridge get a little warmer. Making sure your fridge’s gaskets are sealed correctly and are clean can also help reduce the electricity bill.


  1. Pay attention to water temperature

Check the settings on your dishwasher and dishwasher. It takes energy for your water heater to warm up water for appliances. Try to use cold water or choose the “Eco Mode” option if your appliances have one. Your dishwasher’s “dry” cycle can usually be disabled. Since you are living in a desert, crack open your dishwasher after a cycle so your dishes will be able to dry on their own in no time!  While we’re talking about your washer, add as many clothes to each load as possible while keeping in mind whether or not your dryer will be able to handle the load (your dryer should always have about 25% empty space)! This tactic will reduce the electricity bill which will increase the money in your pocket each month!


  1. Look for cracks

Another one of the ways to conserve energy is to make sure the heat/AC isn’t escaping through poorly sealed doors and windows. You can get cheap caulk to seal the cracks. Expanding foam will also do the trick, depending on what you are sealing. Another place you may want to look is where pipes go through the walls of your home.


  1. Check your vents

If you are having to turn up the air condition because your bedroom isn’t getting cool enough, you may have a closed vent. In addition, you may want to close the vents of rooms that you don’t often use. If you have a guest bedroom, close the vents during the times that the room is unoccupied. This won’t make a huge difference in your energy bill, but it may help a little. Your AC filter also needs to be changed every few months to keep your central air system working at top notch. You may be losing a little money every month because your dirty filter is clogging up your AC system.


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