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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Working with College Students Seeking Off Campus Housing

Written by Posted On Thursday, 26 May 2016 07:36

Working with college students can be a daunting task for any real estate agent or apartment management company. For the majority of this demographic, it will be their first time living alone or with a roommate, away from parents and outside of a dorm. I work with Trimark Properties and specialize in UF Off campus housing for students looking for apartments in Gainesville, FL. Here are a few tips that can help a real estate agent tap the off campus housing market and work efficiently with college students.

Trimark Properties Gainesville

1.    Create an Online Presence: Basic things like having a website, active social media presence and a blog constitute a strong online presence. In 90% of the cases, a college student will first search online for their housing requirements. They might then be inclined to visit the agent’s website, Linked-in or Twitter page to learn more about what the agent offers. The average college student is very distracted nowadays and even a minor thing may seem to put them off and go over to the next agent. Insert images, virtual tours and maps to actually show that your off campus housing option is the right fit for college students. Build an engaging and informative online presence. A great example by Trimark properties which showcases off campus housing to UF students in Gainesville are the Camden Court Luxury apartments. This property page features a hi-res gallery of the property’s exterior, courtyard, kitchen, and more.

UF Off Campus Housing Gainesville FL

2.    Brand Yourself: A real estate license makes an agent uniquely qualified to offer solutions to a student renter. There are many real estate agents out there. The students themselves are go-getters and arrive equipped with a plethora of knowledge when they first contact a real estate agent. What sets one real estate agent apart from another? It’s the brand. When dealing with students, the real estate agents must present a strong brand messaging that communicates value to college students. They are twice as likely to trust a brand that has social media presence.  Gainesville apartment developer has built a strong brand in the University of Florida town and has recently received 3 awards from the City of Gainesville Beautification Board.

3.    Present a Varied Portfolio of Housing Options: The students renting apartments are already under debt. Just specializing in luxury housing will not be the best option. Keeping a variety of choices available for college students is the key. Remember that this generation of students is exercising more, eating better and smoking less than any prior generation. The agent must use these as a selling factor. The agents must have an arsenal of off-campus housing options available for college students which range in pricing, location, amenities, etc. This UF off campus housing complex by Trimark Properties does an amazing job of showcasing all the amenities and options being offered at Ashton lane Luxury Apartments in Gainesville.

Ashton Lane Gainesville

4.    Consider Roommate Matching: A crucial factor when it comes to renting to college students. Roommate matching is a feature only offered by a few apartment communities. The agents must be aware of such features to be able to sell it to college students. Roommate matching service will assure them of being in a safe and friendly environment as opposed to a random individual being paired up and then having to spend the entire year with them. As simple as it may sound, this is an important aspect and will help close more deals than any other feature.

5.    Go Mobile: Yes you can! With the college student demographic, agents can communicate via text messaging, and it is not unprofessional. On the flip side, an agent is more likely to grab a students’ attention when they go mobile as opposed to communicating via email. 

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