Everything You Need To Know About ADHD

Written by Posted On Friday, 27 May 2016 11:59

ADHD is very common mental disorder, and it develops in children. The full name is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and it is characterized by hyperactive behavior, distractibility, and poor attention. If it is not treated properly, it could lead to poor social relationships, poor school performance, and difficulty at learning. Children with ADHD can try to focus on several things, but not concentrate on anything completely.

It is, in simple words, the mental disorder, where children have a problem with processing information. There is a problem with sending and receiving information by the brain. If your child has ADHD, you have to cope with this, and to find a proper solution. Doctors still don’t know what exactly the cause of ADHD is. Some people think it is because of the violent video games, while others think it is because of the bad nutrition. Some even think it is a result of bad behavior.

Usually, ADHD is detected when a child enters school, because attention and behavior issues are more easily noticed in this structured setting. One of the symptoms of this disorder is hyperactivity. Children with ADHD are unable to sit still, or to wait their turn. They are always trying to be occupied by something. Also, they are not crazy about following instructions. They usually act without thinking, and have short attention span. It is important to make a difference between regular hyperactivity, and ADHD. Hyperactivity is only one symptom of ADHD, and this mental disorder is followed by more symptoms, already mentioned. If a child is only hyperactive, it doesn’t have ADHD.

A child with ADHD can only concentrate on one thing at a time, becomes overwhelmed easily, doesn’t like to read, has trouble starting and finishing tasks, often forgets to do homework, is easily bored, often unmotivated and lazy.

Luckily, the disorder can be treated, without leaving long-term consequences. If a parent has ADHD, or had it as a child, the chances are, the kid will have it too. There are few different ways of treating it. Most common solution is taking prescription medications. They can be very effective, the symptoms of ADHD will be less noticeable, but, as with any other medications, can have different side effects. Most of these drugs shouldn’t even be considered for children under the age of six, because of developmental issues and toxicity concerns. According to studies, one of four children will have a negative reaction to prescribed medication. But what to do if you don’t want your child to use medications? Another possibility of treating the disorder is using ADHD vitamins. They are more natural solution than medications, and don’t have side effects. If you don’t want to risk the health of your child, use these vitamins, and you will be able to notice improvement very soon.

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