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How to Style a Balcony to Add Value to Your House

Written by Posted On Monday, 30 May 2016 02:06


Turn your outdoor space into an adjacent oasis for the ultimate “welcome home” vibe.


For homeowners looking to add a little value to their homes, balcony areas are some of the easiest spaces to start with. Before you put your house on the market, you’ll want to have your balcony dressed to impress. While balcony size may be the most important factor to some prospective buyers, most people will simply want to see that the space can feel like home for them, too.


Start with the function.

Decide what kind of space your balcony will be. You can opt for any number of things, including a lounge area, barbecue zone, potted garden paradise, or a simple space in which to take in the view. From there, you will know the basic elements to incorporate in your styling.





Work with nature and climate.

If your balcony has a stunning view, style it in a way that emphasizes the surroundings. Have your seating face the view, and make sure the railings don’t have décor that restricts your field of vision. Depending on the local climate, you may also want to add temperature-control features such as outdoor heating, shade, or a waterproof overhang.


Increase the feng shui.

With many home balconies coming in small shapes and sizes, space will be the most important factor of your redecorating process. It’s easy for a small area to feel cramped with too much furniture or storage. To minimize the cramped feeling, make sure that you are comfortable moving around and lounging in your space. If you intend to make the space a social one, make sure it is also comfortable for a larger group.


Light it up.

Comfortable lighting is a crucial part of any space. While your balcony gets a lot of natural light during the day, you are likely left to your own devices at night. Low lighting options such as rope lighting, fairy lights, or hanging lanterns can add to the homely vibe.


Top it off with some foliage.

Plants can instantly make a house feel like a home. For balconies, you may want to invest in hanging or wall-mounted planters since they take up less space. Minimalisti offers some great ideas to help incorporate some greenery into your balcony décor. If you live somewhere with a lease agreement, read through it again to find out about balcony limitations. Often, there are potted plant regulations such as the requirement of an upturned lid or base to place the pot on.


Get some inspiration.

Not sure what direction to go in with your balcony décor? You can head over to Pinterest for heaps of style ideas. Not only will you find more ideas than you can use for just one balcony, you will also find that Pinterest has a pretty budget-friendly selection of DIY projects.




Show it off.

Once you’ve put the final touches on your balcony’s style, you’ll be ready for your house to hit the market. Unfortunately, the actual selling is a little more difficult and a little less fun than restyling your balcony. But with the help of professional real estate agents, you’ll be sure to get the best price for your home while being spared the time and stress. Companies like Open Agent make it easy for you to find the right agent to handle the sale of your home when the time comes.


And while restyling your balcony won’t necessarily add appraisal value to your home unless you plan to style permanent fixtures like paint, flooring, lighting, or full-blown structural reconfiguration, some simple décor will show your prospective buyers the potential the balcony has to be a comfortable retreat. With your balcony’s new and inviting atmosphere, potential homeowners won’t be able to resist!


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