Bring Beige Walls to the Next Level

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Beige walls are a classic but they can also come off as boring if not paired with livelier hues. Below, we bring you seven beautiful colour-pairings for beige that are sure to inject personality and energy to an otherwise ‘flat’ colour.

Beige and Red

Beige Room Colour Ideas

Shades of red, whether it be bright crimson or a more somber burgundy tend to look splendid when paired with beige. One thing of note is to be sure to match the coolness or warmness of the colours, as beige can also come in varying shades and undertones. If you’re not ready to invest in a hulking piece of red furniture or don’t want to commit to painting one of your walls red, you can compromise by adding an art print, a throw, or several decorative pillows in a shade of red that goes with your beige walls.

Beige with Coffee and Cream

Beige Room Colour Ideas2

Varying shades of coffee and cream makes for a delicious blend of mocha and cappuccino colours when mixed with beige. Play up the colour contrast and be sure to include both lighter and darker shades in your paint colour and accessories to really bring beige walls to life!

Beige with Raspberry and Tangerine

Beige Room Colour Ideas3

Bright pink and eye-catching orange are even lovelier when paired with beige. Particularly great when used in a living room or a bedroom, this colour combination works with beige downplaying the brighter hues and the brighter hues making beige look more sophisticated – perfect!

Beige with Green and Gold

Beige Room Colour Ideas4

Green and gold are a great colour combination but together with beige, they make for a fantastic trio! Gold accents amidst deep shades of green reflect back on beige walls and kicking things up a notch. You can also add more green by adding leaf prints in throw pillows or artwork.

Beige with Black and White

Beige Room Colour Ideas5

Sophisticated, grown-up, elegant, and mysterious, beige combined with black and white makes for a subtly primped, yet stylish room. You can pull this combination off a number of ways, such as having dark floors, beige walls, and white trim, or perhaps using pure white furniture against dark floors (or ceiling) with beige walls. To tie everything together, an accent throw or rug with beige, black, and white would be great.

Beige with Sky Blue and Sea-glass Green

Beige Room Colour Ideas6

If you love beachy-vibes or want a beach cottage-like feel, this is your colour combination! Go for beige walls with white trim accented with sky blue rugs or pillows, linen sofa, and accessories in sea-glass green. If your beige wall is a bit too overwhelming, add an artwork with sea-glass green and sky blue in it. If you want a bolder look, you can switch up colours to include turquoise and aqua.

Beige with Persimmon

Beige Room Colour Ideas7

Deep warm orange not a colour often used for decorating and painting walls because of the perception that it might look too bright. Beige walls actually look great with persimmon accents or when paired with orange furniture. The key is not overdoing the persimmon and adding different textured materials like linen, canvass, and burlap in small doses.

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