Appraising Actual Haunted Houses!

Written by Posted On Sunday, 05 June 2016 23:07

I came across this article from a colleague of mine and I think it's a good article on a strange subject. The funny thing is I was just talking to an agent friend of mine about selling haunted houses. In many states it is required that you have to disclose the fact that a house has been used in the manufacturing of crystal meth, or whether a murder was committed on the property, or even in some states if the house is believed to be haunted. 

Agents are actually more up to date on this than appraisers are since they are the ones listing the houses. As an appraiser I have never come across anything like this but I have definitely appraised houses that fit the bill of being haunted. Back in the day when I appraised houses in Los Angeles there were quite a few in Compton, Watts, and East LA that were being used as drug houses. Not fun. I wouldn't doubt if many of them had murders committed inside either. We never had to disclose that they were drug houses because I technically never saw anyone manufacturing drugs there or using but I had seen plenty of people on site who were addicts and had made their home there.

I also have been in some weird houses up in the Hollywood Hills that made my skin crawl. Who knows what things lurked in the closets and hidden basements there. Anyway if you are interested here is the link for the article:

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