Factors that can Make or Break your Property Deal

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Real estate is a difficult trade but making investment in it can be a great decision if done intelligently. Most individuals often spend their entire savings and take loans to buy a property. So this has to be done with huge concern to ensure that the money invested does its work. The top factors that can make or break your property deal are as follows:


Budget is the most imperative thing you need to take into account even before you start looking for properties. Make sure to first determine a budget range in mind and see to it that your finances are in order. It is because if you purchase a property that exceeds your budget then you will have to pay a large EMI that will further leave your pocket empty by the end of the month. Make sure that your EMI does not go beyond 40% of your monthly income.


Once you have set your finance target, the next big thing you need to focus on is the research part. Make sure to look for locales that get along with your needs. And to make this happen, you need to focus on these factors:

– Convenience and connectivity
– Presence of social as well as physical communications
– The projected infrastructural growths
– Safety and security
– Livability

Make sure you do not invest in areas which don’t provide basic amenities such as road, water supply as well as drainage system. And then, it would be unwise on your part to get carried away with the promise of future infrastructural developments and invest your money blindly. After all, infrastructure projects usually take time to start off and few also fail to take off. Hence, make sure you don’t trust simply fake words unless you see the evidences right in front of your eyes.

Builder’s Credibility:

If you are a resident of Lucknow, then you may have come across various Lucknow real estate projects. In fact, the real estate market in this city is vast and the industry has both dependable and undependable builders. Hence, it would be unwise on your part to invest your hard earned money blindly after seeing lucrative offers from any small time builder. Instead, what you need to do is check the dependability of the builder by checking their earlier projects. This will give you a clear objective about the reliability of the builder.

Authenticate Legal Documents:

For any property related transaction, title deeds play a critical role. You need to check whether the seller has an influential title deed of the property; in case they don’t, make sure you do not buy the property.

  • The title deed is an important document for the deal without which you will have legal issues in the days to come.
  • Ensure to get the original title deed confirmed with a lawyer before purchasing the property.
  • Before purchasing the property, ensure that all the clearances for the property are in place.
  • If you have plans to purchase an under-construction property, do not forget to get the allotment letter as well as the development agreement from the builder
  • The allotment letter has multiple details such as the floor plan, price of the property, delivery date as well as liability details in case there is any impediment in delivering the project. Whereas the development agreement has information related to the terms and conditions under which the landowner permitted the builder to use his property
  • Make sure the taxes associated with the property are cleared before you purchase the asset.

Finally, you should not vacillate to get an expert’s help whenever you have doubts.

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