10 Decorating Ideas for a Lighter and Brighter Living Room

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We tend to avoid rooms that appear or feel gloomier, but not every room in our homes can be bright and sunny. People tend to feel more at home in houses with bright and cheerful living rooms. Here are 10 decorating tips that can help make your living room brighter and lighter without sacrificing a warm and cozy feel.

Install Curtains the Smart Way

Luxury home design tips

In spaces with little natural light, curtains can make the room feel cramped and dark. Of course, we install curtains to soften a room’s look and for insulation so forgoing it isn’t an option either. To install curtains the smart way, simply make sure that you use long curtain rods that allow the curtains to be fully drawn back from the windows.

Go for Blinds

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Blinds can be easily adjusted to still allow light while giving you the privacy you need. Simple white roller blinds and linen or cotton Roman blinds works wonders!

Use Lighting to Your Advantage

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If your room is lacking in the sun aspect, use a combination of various lights to achieve the same effect. Use lamps, overhead lights, and even strip lighting. You’d be surprised at how well this can work!

Go for Nordic Décor

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A Scandinavian-inspired all-white décor can simulate natural light where there is none. Accessorize with a few key black or dark pieces for contrast and to inject casual elegance to your décor.

Use Mirrors!

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Mirrors reflect light beautifully and create the illusion of more space. For optimum luminosity, position mirrors opposite of each other, diagonal to a window, or right across a window.

Go for See-Through Doors

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See-through doors divide rooms while still letting in light. Glass doors or half-glass doors are great for this.

Try Lighter Fabrics

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Washable fabrics tend to feel more ‘sunny’ and can make a room seem more fresh, airy, and light even if not in a pale colour.

No Heavy Drapes

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Avoid heavy drapes and go with sheer chic curtains instead. Gossamer curtains have that airy ethereal look, more so if you make them go all the way up to the ceiling for maximum drama. 

A Bit of Shimmer Won’t Hurt

Luxury home design tips9

Shiny glass or metal pieces also add some light to a space, particularly if used at a shady spot. Paired with soft or velvety upholstery, using glass and metal can give you a very luxe look without making it feel weighed down.

Take Out the Wall

Luxury home design tips10

If your living room is separate from your dining room, consider removing the wall between the two spaces to let light shine through. This way, your living spaces will be basking in both morning and afternoon light wherever your windows may be.

For more luxury design tips, please visit our luxury real estate blog here.

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