Why People LOVE Moving to Calgary, AB?

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I love about Calgary I love about Calgary

The list goes on-and-on… Seriously if you are planning on moving to Calgary then you should be celebrating because you are just going to LOVE ti! 

People are always asking top real estate agents in Calgary, AB about some of the best things to do in Calgary and why they should be moving there. There are many reasons and different things that are going to appeal to every individual who is interested in relocating to Calgary. I can point out at least 22 reasons why people love living in Calgary and most likely you will find the one that sits closest to your heart.

Take a look at some of the top reasons why people choose Calgary as their top destination to raise a family in. 

Community Spirit

Calgary has the most highly activated community in Canada. It has been officially measured by Statistics Canada that Calgarians like to give not only financially when the need arise, but they have an outstanding spirit to volunteer in their communities. 

There are about 1.2 million people living in Calgary but many new residents get surprised about how friendly people are once they move into a new neighbourhood in Calgary and they have been saying: “it doesn’t really feel like a big city”. 

When you relocate to Calgary you will be able to blend into a community in no time and feel like you are among family the minute you settle into your home.

Housing Affordability

Calgary is listed as one of the most affordable cities in Canada’s major cities. Real estate prices are moderately priced while the average income is considerably higher than in any other areas of Canada. 

The average price of a single-family home in Calgary typically starts around $450,000 while apartment style condominiums can be listed as low as $200,000 but the average price tag hovers around the $350,000 mark. 

Fortunately, the province of Alberta does not have any extra tax when a real estate transaction is taking place. It certainly gives residents of Calgary the upper hand, especially for those who are moving to Calgary as they usually need to save all the cash that they can in the early days. 

Transportation in Calgary

Calgary has many great roadways and they are relatively easy to commute on even in the midst of rush hour. The city’s ring road is about 2/3 completed and makes travel a breeze into communities that are on the outskirts of Calgary. The city of Calgary continuously expands and plans on expanding the C-train system. Just about from any part of Calgary people can easily get to Downtown Calgary within 30 minutes. 


Calgary has some fantastic schools with exceptional rankings across the boards. There are many private schools available for those who can afford to send their children into a more academic school system. 

The quality of schools in Calgary is a common reason why people move here. Especially the post-secondary education like S.A.I.T. is famous for its top achievements and up to date facilities. The University of Calgary and the University of Mount Royal have won many awards for their programs in the Alberta school district. 

Calgary was declared as the third educated city in Canada Mclean’s Magazine and it means that many people relocating to Calgary place a high emphasis on continuing their education. (a.k.a. “we’re smart people”)

Ski Resorts 

If you love skiing then you will think that you have just gone to heaven. Skiing in the Rocky Mountains which is only about an hour drive away is some of the best in the world. People often travel from all over the continent just to be able to conquer those snow-covered rocky slopes. 

Without any exaggeration, Calgary is home to some of the top ski resorts in North America. Some of the most popular ski hills are Lake Louise, Sunshine Village, Nakisha Mountain Resort and Castle Mountain. In my opinion, living in Calgary for the skiing alone is worth moving.

Weather in Calgary

One of the biggest myths about Calgary is that it’s always snowing outside. It couldn’t be further from the truth. We usually have very hot summers and a moderate amount of snow every winter. The temperature could still dip every now-and-then to a bone-chilling freeze. However, we are blessed with a westerly wind called “Chinook” which often takes the temperate well above the freezing point and helps Calgarians to get a taste of spring for a few days. 

Calgary is also the sunniest city across Canada. If you love sucking up those vitamin D’s, then it is definitely your destination to relocate to Calgary. 

Tips About Moving to Calgary

There are many things to watch out for when moving to Calgary, AB. These few reasons mentioned above are only a small taste of what you can be expected once you have moved to Calgary. There are hundreds of people moving to Calgary on any given day and we want to make your move really easy for you by giving you lots of informant about Calgary.

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Joe Samson

I have lived in Calgary, AB since 1991 and have started working in real estate in 2005. Up to date, I have helped hundreds of satisfied buyers and sellers to successfully complete their real estate transactions. 

Initially, I have fallen in love with real estate even before I’d ever thought about becoming a real estate agent. My early years were fulfilled with buying and selling revenue producing properties. As the years passed, I have become more attached to dealing with real estate and as people got to know me and a little more of what I have done, I have naturally transitioned into helping others to build a path to their financial success by investing in real estate. And the rest has become the story of my life…

This may shock you, but my main focus isn’t on selling real estate. I mostly put my attention toward online marketing which ultimately helps my sellers to find a buyer for their property and to get the maximum possible sale price. 

In the 21st century, marketing is immensely different then what it used to be 10 years ago. I find it imperative to stay ahead of the competition and figuring out what works and doesn’t is the backbone of my business and it allows me to generate the best results for my clients. 

I also love providing help to my buyer clients by offering them a state of the art website and access to all homes for sale in Calgary, AB. 

I also believe that by answering my client's question in advance helps me to provide the best experience and I intend to achieve that by keeping my Calgary real estate blog up to date on a regular basis.

I service the greater Calgary area and its surrounding suburb communities. Some of the most popular communities in South Calgary that I service are Evergreen, Silverado, Chaparral, and Cranston. West Calgary and City Centre Calgary also contributes a great deal to my business area. Other parts of the city such as Southeast Calgary where many new homes are being built have also become a great joy to work in while helping clients finding their new homes. 

One of the principal foundations of my business model is that I’ll always tell you what you need to hear versus what you want to hear. Your interest is guaranteed to be more important to me than anything else. Integrity is the lifeline of my daily interactions with others and our mission is to “honour our clients with our world and do what we say we are going to do... when we say we are going to do it.”

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home in the Calgary area, please reach out to me anytime and I’d love to help you to navigate you through your home buying journey.


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