Home Design Trends for 2016 Part 1

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Nearly half the year is over but it is still not too late to get on with the design trends for 2016. Inspired by the list from Houzz.com, here is the first part of the most beautiful home design trends for this year.

Indoor Use of Outdoor Fabrics

Luxury home design tips

Outdoor fabrics are great for high traffic areas such as the kitchen and the living room because of their durability. With the multitude of beautiful prints available today, you’ll surely find the right fabrics for your needs.

Extra Large Format Tiles

Luxury home design tips2

If you think a 12 inches by 24 inches tile is huge, wait until you see homes sporting huge ceramic tiles as big as 31 by 71 inches. They’re awesome as material to add colour to the wall, bring floors to life, or even used at a fireplace.

Rise of Bidets

Luxury home design tips3

More and more master bedrooms now feature bidets, and it won’t be long for them to become a standard fixture in every home especially that manufacturers are now selling combination bidet and toilet units.

Coloured Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances

Luxury home design tips4

Did you know that stainless steel now comes in black and sunset bronze finish? Finally, your kitchen appliances can match whatever aesthetic vision you have for your kitchen!

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Luxury home design tips5

Speaking of kitchens, you’ll have the design license to use two colours for your cabinets for a bolder but still minimalist look. This is a great way to showcase two different materials or finishes as well.

Formal Dining Rooms

Luxury home design tips6

Yes, it is back! No need to feel too old-school if you’re a fan of having a formal dining room. If you love entertaining at home, then feel free to have this designated space for special meals, because why not?

Niche Appliances

Luxury home design tips7

Steam ovens, induction cooktops, and even having your very own kimchi refrigerator are all on the plate this year. Go ahead and indulge!

Almost-Not-There Kitchens

Luxury home design tips8

Spatial identifiers such as different flooring and wall colours do not matter anymore, more so if you are going for an open layout. It’s all about airy and fluid living spaces these days!

Deep Kitchen Drawers

Luxury home design tips9

With really cool organizers and inserts available today, there is no reason not to go for deep kitchen drawers anymore. Not only do they hold more things and keep clutter at bay, they’re also a lot more affordable to install these days.

Workhorse Kitchen Islands

Luxury home design tips10

Ditch the small kitchen island and go for a multi-functional one if you have space. Add deep kitchen drawers, room for seating, wine storage, prep sink, and maybe another cook top in there.

Heated Entryway Floors

Luxury home design tips11

Time to install this if you live in a cold region and would love to easily melt snow off your shoes as well as dry your boots faster.

Upgraded Mirrors in Bathrooms

Luxury home design tips12

Backlit and beautifully framed mirrors are all the vogue now. The more ornate the better to give you that luxurious powder room appeal.

Technology-Free Living Rooms

Luxury home design tips13

With almost everyone having smartphones and tables, the living room is fast becoming a hub where the family can enjoy some quiet time together reading a book, chatting, or just sitting quietly. Ditch the TV and free your living room from digital distraction.

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