Home Design Trends for 2016 Part 2

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We bring you another installment of the best home design trends for 2016. In case you missed the first one, then simply scroll through the recent blogs to know more about what’s hot and what’s not for home design this year!

Simple Open Kitchen Using Raw Materials

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Open shelves, natural materials, and an open layout is the key to this design trend. If you love the minimalist feel, then this kitchen idea is for you!

Surprising Kitchen Features

Home tips2

A folding table from the wall? A kitchen table on casters? The idea here is all about flexibility and adding features that can serve more than two functions. For those who like novelty, this design idea is surely a winner!

Having a Sunroom

Home tips3

Long been a dream space for any homeowner, a sunroom need not be a ‘real’ room! Find a particularly sun-drenched spot, add a table and one or two chairs, and voila! You now have a ‘sunroom’!

Dolled Up White Kitchens

Home tips4

White kitchens need not feel clinical or sterile. Add a pop of colour using tiles, a full wall of bookcases or shelves, and maybe a bright red countertop. The key is not overdoing it picking just one item aspect of the kitchen to blast colour in.

Unique Countertop and Backsplash Pairings

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Playing it safe isn’t going to do your kitchen any favours in the long run. To avoid being boring, go for bold and unique backsplash and countertop pairings such as granite and brick, or maybe even concrete and subway tiles.

Ornate Bathrooms

Home tips6

Bathrooms no longer need to look nor feel like bathrooms. The trend is into making your bathroom feel more like it is part of the living space. Add a chandelier, choose a graphic wallpaper, and add furniture-like finishes to achieve this look.

Bold Wall Coverings for Powder Rooms

Home tips7

While a beautiful wallpaper can do the trick, try to incorporate texture, graphics and prints for a bold wall covering that’s bound to make an impact.

Fire Features and Fireplaces

Home tips8

Fireplaces are making a huge comeback, and they’re becoming more fabulous than ever. Go for a pollution and hassle-free option that will give you the look without a headache. This is also a great feature for a digital technology-free living room.

Decorate but Minimalist Living Rooms

Home tips9

Pay attention to light, scale, and function for the perfect balance in your minimalist but decorated living room. It should look dressed up and finished without being overwhelming.

Farmhouse Entryways

Home tips10

Functional entryways don’t have much décor but are jam-packed with everything you need. This style is best suited for mudrooms where storage and function are a must.

Modern Materials Medley in the Kitchen

Home tips11

Forget about conventional design and decorating rules and go with what is pleasing to the eye. Some finishes and materials go surprisingly well together such as butcher block countertops with Carrara marble and soapstone, or maybe stainless steel appliances with wooden kitchen details and concrete.

One-Of-A-Kind Bedrooms

Home tips12

Take a feature wall to a whole new level by lining the entire wall with rustic wood and taking that all the way to the ceiling. The effect is so striking and yet still warm and homey. The tip here is to not be afraid of using new materials.

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