Advice for Tenants Looking to Follow Interior Design Trends in Apartments

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Decorating an apartment while adhering to guidelines set by property managers can be tough for college students moving into their first apartment away from home. At Trimark Properties in Gainesville, we don’t allow tenants to paint their apartments or make any permanent changes. However, we have many tips for a multitude of fun and creative decorating ideas that tenants can use to customize their apartments during their stay. These customizations can help make each of your tenant’s apartments feel more like home.

Pictures: One of the easiest and most personalized ways to decorate an apartment is with pictures. The photos can be adhered to the walls with wall-safe adhesive which is easily removed at the end of each lease without damaging the wall paint. A grid of pictures looks great, or you could adhere the photos to cork boards, or even hang them from a clothesline on a clip. Trimark Properties’ Stratford Court is a property that offers residents many extra storage spaces for mementos such as pictures. Placing pre-installed display nooks in your properties makes the decoration process easier for tenants. Elements such as a picture nook is a great way to display photos and personalize each room without damaging the apartment. These can be found at a store nearby. In Gainesville, I would highly recommend the Pier One.

Vinyl Wall Stickers: These stickers are a great alternative to paint since they leave no residue after removal. Better yet, these stickers look as if they are painted on the wall, which creates a customized look without the hassle of application. Tenants can choose from stickers ranging from trees, to flowers, or even their favorite animals. The great thing about these wall stickers is that there are thousands to choose from, giving each tenant a chance to show their personality. The Target in Gainesville offers very eye catching vinyl for décor.

Color Pop: If your tenants want more color in their spaces, you might suggest a few creative ways to add a pop of color and spruce things up. For a tan or beige couch, bright red or blue pillows would be a great way to make the couch more festive and inviting. At Trimark Properties, we seek to provide easy ways for our tenants to customize their walls. One of the ways we do this is by providing art nooks that many people use to display art projects and other colorful objects. These objects are personal, and make each apartment feel like home. The Macy’s at Oaks Mall in Gainesville carries some of the best furnishings in town.

Artistic Elements: Advise tenants to showcase a bit of musical flair by displaying their flute or cello. For example, a music stand, with its swirls and embellishments, can have a beautiful effect and fill up space at the same time. Or, if one of your tenants loves art, advise them to add a few of their favorite pieces to the wall or even paint something new to accentuate the space and make it their own. Similar to printed pictures, art pieces can be hung using wall-safe adhesives so that no damage is done. Kirkland’s at Butler Plaza in Gainesville carries Gator themed items to show off Gator pride.

All Things Green: Lastly, adding plants to an apartment livens up the space, literally! Living plants, whether orchids or air plants, are eye-catching and fun additions to any apartment. Some plants, like the Pothos and Snake Plants, actually help to purify the air in each apartment by removing toxins like formaldehyde and benzene. For more plant-savvy people, orchids are a great option because of their small size and beautiful flowers. On the other hand, if keeping an orchid alive might prove too difficult a task, succulents or terrariums are a great option. With little-to-no upkeep whatsoever apart from light misting, these plants are colorful accent pieces that your tenants friends will love to talk about.


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