10 Easy Ways to Add Personality to Your Front Entry

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A welcoming pathway, porch, and doorway sets the tone of how visitors will perceive your home. We’ve compiled 10 of the easiest ways you can add a warm touch to your front yard and front entry below. From using plants, paint, and a bit of landscaping, we’ve got your back to help make your exteriors as welcoming as your interiors while still maintaining privacy.

Add a Lounge Chair

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An armchair or a sofa decked with soft outdoor cushions can make your porch seem laid back, casual, and fun. This tip goes well with a crisp white porch or even a contemporary gray one. If you’re not sure which colour to go for, simply use large pieces of cardboard painted with your colour candidates and see which one looks the best for most of the day.

Use Stones for Pathways and Details

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Sprucing your pathway is often the last thing on your mind but taking the time to do so often gives huge pay back. Remember that your pathway is what visitors see first and has a huge impact on how guests will perceive your home. You can use stones to create geometric patterns, fill paths, add to planters, or maybe to install a fountain. Pebbles would be great as ground cover too!

Be Creative for Privacy

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Privacy does not always have to come in the form of heavy curtains or huge plants. A stylish wooden screen will do the trick and can act as a trellis for beautiful crawling flowers and vines. They also allow sunlight and airflow to pass through while still giving you a bit of cover from the street.

Go for Graphic Elements

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Why not install a gate that looks like a sculpture? These days, both steel and wood can be cut into intricate shapes for gates, screens, or fencing. Take advantage of this design element!

Don’t Be Afraid of Vibrant Colours

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Oftentimes homeowners shy away from using vibrant colours for fear that it will make their home look tacky or cheap. When used correctly, a splash of colour can look stylish and chic, such as when you paint your mailbox a vibrant hue or perhaps go unconventional with your front door.

Get Creative with Your Mailbox

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Who says you can’t have fun with your mailbox? You can spruce it up to look like a miniature home, make it look like a sculpture, or use unconventional materials to make it stand out.

Try to Soften the Edges

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If your home has a modern design, you can make it look warmer by adding a softer touch either through color or plants. Some greenery and/or flowers won’t hurt and will add a touch of chic elegance to your exteriors.

Light Up Your Stairs

front porch ideas8

Either add lights on your railings or between each board. This touch is not only beautiful but also serves a practical purpose. The last thing you’d want is having gloomy stairs for your home’s front porch!

Try Red

front porch ideas9

Sure, neutral colours are sophisticated and timeless, but a strong splash of vibrant red in either burgundy or crimson won’t hurt your elegant-looking exteriors.

Go for Country

front porch ideas10

Hanging baskets, folding chairs, and a porch swing are all country-inspired touches that can make your front entry feel like home. Add in a striped mat and everyone will surely feel welcome coming to your door.

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