11 Amazing Paint Colours for Your Walls

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Picking a paint colour for your walls is never an easy task. There’s location, lighting, undertone, and colour palette to think of, plus your personality and the look you are aiming for. We’ve compiled 11 of the most amazing paint colours that look great on walls, wherever room of the house they may be.


Home Colour Ideas

A popular choice for bedrooms and bathrooms, a soft sky blue can help someone relax and have a good night’s sleep. A pale blue with a subtle sage undertone works best for most interiors, more so when paired with crisp white.


Home Colour Ideas2

Green is something you won’t often see in kitchens but paired with white trim and cabinets, it can add a warm richness no other colour can achieve.


Home Colour Ideas3

A fire engine red painted on just one or two walls works best when paired with fabrics or a rug featuring the same exact hue. It is sexy, mature, and sophisticated but still fun and playful at the same time.


Home Colour Ideas4

Yellow can be a tricky colour for walls, but choosing one that looks almost beige is the way to go. It won’t be strikingly bright but will provide just the right amount of sunshine to brighten up any room. Always go for a lighter shade than what you think you want when choosing from a fan of colours though, yellow has a tendency to look brighter on the wall.


Home Colour Ideas5

Brown isn’t a very popular shade for walls but can provide the perfect neutral backdrop for exquisite interiors, more so when paired with red, green, orange, and other neutral shades. A slightly cool-toned rich brown works well with most colours.


Home Colour Ideas6

A soft or light gray with beige undertones is one of the newest and prettiest paint colours that’s taking homes by storm. Greige complements stone finishes and is a fantastic option for those who love gray but want it to be a bit more modern.



Home Colour Ideas7

You’ll be surprised at how a barely-there soft shade of lavender can look at whatever room of the house. Just a tip, pairing lavender with gray or robin’s blue always works well.


Home Colour Ideas8

Pink is not just for a girl’s bedroom. It can look elegant and sophisticated if you choose the right shade, which is often the paler, the better. If your colour palette for home decorating is mostly blue, gray, green, and white, then pink walls might be for you too.


Home Colour Ideas9

Gray is a unique neutral because it has the ability to mesh well with almost any colour, whether you opt for a soft gray or a dark charcoal gray. Pair it with beiges and whites and you’ll have yourself a colour-match that’s made in heaven.


Home Colour Ideas10

Believe it or not, whites come in various undertones! Find an egg shell white with no undertones and you’ve got yourself a beautiful clean colour for your walls. Remember that undertones can have a huge impact on your colour palette!


Home Colour Ideas11

Most people would shy away from using black for paint colour, but an egg shell black is perhaps the most beautiful, elegant neutral shade that can look great against any other colour. Try painting an accent wall in this hue and prepare to be surprised at how strikingly beautiful it is!

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