4 Ways to Successfully Marketing Your Commercial Real Estate

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For every commercial real estate professional, marketing a commercial office space can be a very daunting task. There are many variants which contribute to executing a successful marketing plan, which includes pricing, location, amenities offered, etc. Each one of these factors has a significant impact on the leasing of that property. Although, you may have priced the property perfectly, renovated the office space to be the trendiest one on the market, or even upgraded the entire building, you still need businesses and organizations to sign leases and fill the space.

At Trimark Properties, the team of marketing professionals is dedicated to offering the nicest commercial real estate in Gainesville to businesses looking for office, lab, retail or cafe space. Below are 4 tips to consider when marketing a commercial property.

1. Being Discovered

Office Space for Lease in Gainesville - Loopnet Listing

Your potential renters should be easily able to find your commercial space. Being discovered is the big piece of the marketing pie puzzle that requires extra legwork to fill up available space. As the majority of the discovery process is done online, it is important to be present on the important websites most frequented by potential tenants. These sites include LoopNet, Craigslist, Cityfeet, local MLS among others. Clients may also choose to drive around and look for signs after finding your space online. Signs are just as much important. 

2. Tell Your Story

Gainesville Office for rent - Open House

The commercial space may not have as much of a character as a home, but it surely doesn't have to be boring. Each and every commercial space has some advantages that set it apart from the competition. An experienced agent can very well determine those qualities and create a presence that showcases them. Host an open house for clients or other brokers, or host your city's chamber of commerce's monthly event to attract a bigger group of people who are potential clients and showcase your property. This will help you collect leads and build a larger network for the future.

3. Get Social

Trimark Properties Gainesville - Linked In page

Social media is one of the easiest ways to spread any messaging these days. The availability of plenty of opportunities to be social in the commercial real estate marketplace. Agents should utilize the various social media channels to increase their outreach. These include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

4. Keep in Touch

Trimark Properties Gainesville Commercial Real Estate

The time it takes for a commercial lease to sign can sometimes take up to months or even several years. It often takes some time before a potential client inquires about your commercial property for lease. The potential tenant is in the process of doing their due diligence and might take hours, days or weeks of research. The agents may use tools like social media, email marketing, and media outreach and stay in touch. The constant visibility will keep the real estate company in the clients mind, so it is important to keep in contact.

As agents, we are aware that there is a lot to consider when it comes to leasing commercial real estate. I would like to hear some of your suggestions about leasing commercial real estate.

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Kelly Klein

I joined Trimark properties right after graduating from the University of Florida, Gainesville in 2012. My core focus was to learn about the Gainesville commercial real estate business by working with a talented team of commercial real estate professionals in the field. Trimark offered me an internship to start working with their commercial leasing team which specializes in office, restaurant space, retail, lab space and other commercial properties for lease in Gainesville. This was my first time getting involved in understanding about the terminology and site analysis and feasibility studies. The talented team at Trimark helped me in my early career years which has built a strong foundation for my future.

In addition to the real estate knowledge, I have also learned about construction, remodeling, and development. Trimark is also one of the biggest residential real estate developers in Gainesville. With 25 apartment complexes and 2 dorms near UF campus, it is the largest off campus housing provider to UF students.

Four years later, I am now the co-manager of some of the nicest looking offices for lease which are located in innovation square. Innovation square is steps from UF campus and within walking distance to Downtown Gainesville. It is a hub of technology, high-tech companies, cafes, eateries and apartments located in the heart of Gainesville. Some of the biggest names in tech have made innovation square their home. These companies include: Fracture, Feathr, Mobiquity, Sharpspring, Vanad among others. 

Trimark has provided me a platform to catapult my career in commercial real estate to new heights. I am also working very closely with the team that is building Gainesville's first smart, green, and sustainable building - Nimbus. Nimbus will be playground where high-tech design meets functionality. Trimark's moves towards a greener Gainesville is the beginning of a better future, and I am very proud to be a part of it.


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