How to Make Sure Remote Working Works

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Where are you working at this moment? More simply put, are you working you’re your sofa, from a café or on an outdoor patio? If you have a team of employees spread all over the country and a virtual office space, then it goes without saying that you too are a significant part of a fast-growing trend in the modern workforce. However, similar to any new working strategy, making your remote setup a true success needs some diligence and discipline. In recent times, about 70% of companies permit at least some of their employees to work from home or another remote location of their choice. With time, the percentage is expected to get even higher. If you too are a part of a remote workforce, then some of the suggestions that will help you keep going are as follows:



Set Your Objectives and Follow Them

Pen down your plans and come up with a tentative vision for your virtual office space. Make sure to set objectives that will not only help you but also help your team and the organization. You may also implement a results-based management platform that will help managers to easily set and evaluate goals and objectives for their remote workforce.

Regular Communication Forms an Integral Part

Communication is the biggest hindrance and the solutions to developing faith within remote teams. Make sure you don’t restrict yourself to a single tool to connect to your colleagues. Rather, you may go in for different forms of communications such as email, chat, phone, web, and video conferencing. All these services can be offered to you by your virtual office space provider. Choose your favored communication tool, which will ensure the kind of message you require to convey is heard as well as understood. Email is superb option for project updates, tactical information, and sharing data. The phone works its best when you are in dire need to brainstorm or solve a really challenging problem. Video conferencing makes a good choice for many people managing a challenging topic and for sharing problematic news. Not only will you need to get easy using each of these technologies, you can also determine which ones work best in what situations. And don’t wait for your manager as well as co-worker to start conversation—make sure you ahead of the ball and reach out first. Make sure to keep on top of projects by checking in frequently and understanding the nature of the work employees are engaged in. Lead by example; plan meetings in person and use video-conferencing so as to make sure that you have a better chance of face-to-face interaction.

Bank On On-Demand Space Available

Make sure you have provision for workplaces in case any of your employees working remotely or from home wants to get access to the same. As an employer, it should be your responsibility to see that the workers are assured of the fact that they will get the desired professional support and services whenever they are in need of the same. The aptitude to cooperate and network is key personal and corporate growth.

Endorse Corporate Culture

Reassure workplace loyalty by creating opportunities for your employees to officially and casually socialize, as well as form channels with other professionals. These connections may strengthen your corporate culture as well as identity. You need to also include remote workers in corporate events such as holiday parties as well as corporate outings.

Boost Feedback

Empathize with employees and attend to their concerns pertaining to work remotely so as to help secure their buy-in. Employee input can enhance the implementation of the virtual working program. A dispersed workforce does not have to be a muddled workforce. Mixing remote workers, constructing and supporting a strong team and maintaining corporate identity through a virtual office space is possible if you stick to the basics and follow the above mentioned strategies meticulously.


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