How to Match Dorm Roommates

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The college dorm experience is a milestone that every college student remembers for a lifetime. Property managers can truly enhance this experience by getting to know the preferences of each resident and ultimately decide if soon-to-be-roommates will tolerate living together. Gainesville based property manager Trimark Properties, professionally matches University of Florida students in Gainesville who are looking to live in its luxury residence halls for UF students, Ivy House and Windsor Hall, by conducting an in-person questionnaire and asking the right questions and matching alike answers.

Here are some categories which are imperative to address; because when it comes down to people living together, there are definitely some non-negotiables.

Music – What kind of music do they listen to? Genres give a very good idea of a resident’s temperament. For instance, a student who specifies that she enjoys listening to classical music, may not appreciate when there is loud hard metal rock playing in her dorm. In the other hand, if two students specified a love for techno music, then they might enjoy sharing the same dorm.  

Interests – What do they like to do? If a student likes watching UF sports, then they might enjoy the company of someone who cheers for Gainesville teams and pitches in on conversations about game highlights. Moreover, if a student indicates they like to read, then it’s a good idea to match them with someone else who would minimize noise levels in the dorm. 

Hangouts – Where do they like going to? For those students who enjoy spending time at the springs locate in the west side of Gainesville, getting paired with another nature lover roommate would be fantastic. In contrast, those who enjoy the social lifestyle that downtown Gainesville offers will find it gratifying to live in a dorm with someone who they can go to clubs with and party the night away. Matching roommates based on sleeping patterns is a secret weapon used by professional dorm matchmakers.

Cleaning habits – How often do they clean? A student who believes that all things have a place and should be put away immediately after use, would not be a good match for someone who tolerates clutter and puts off cleaning. Likewise, a student who washes dishes every so often, would not be a good match for someone who washes dishes right after every meal.

Study habits – How long and often do they study? Some students in Gainesville study several hours per day, while others study a few days a week. Keep in mind that those who mention that they don’t like to study that much would not be a good match for those who study frequently.

When property managers address these personal interest, they are matching their residents to ultimately get along with each other. Happily matched dorm roommates are more likely to renew their leases. Now that’s effective dorm roommate matching!


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