7 Gorgeous Ways to Create a Fabulous Outdoor Room

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Spring might be long over in Toronto but we still got the rest of summer left to revel in the sights and sounds of the outdoors.  If you’ve got the space, there is no reason not to take advantage of that and have an outdoor room for a few months before the weather turns cold. Outdoor rooms need not be big, it can be a small corner, a whole deck, or even just an area of a veranda. It is basically a place in your home where you can enjoy the outdoors but still have the comforts of being indoors. Here are some beautiful and easy ways you can DIY having a gorgeous outdoor room!

Pick a Corner

Outdoor Room

You can start small and grow from there. If this is your first time attempting to give yourself an outdoor room, adding some comfy furniture to a corner of your patio or deck plus maybe a decorative rug ought to do the trick. Make sure you use outdoor fabric for any pillows, cushions, and seat covers to protect your pillows and furnishings from the elements.

Just Paint the Walls

Outdoor Room2

To define an outdoor space as an extension of the living area, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Another tip is to use the same hue as what’s painted on your living room walls. It will tie everything together and really make your outdoor room feel like a real room.

Decorate, Decorate, and Decorate!

Outdoor Room3

Decorate and style your outdoor room with the same care you put in decorating the rest of your home. Adding a clock or a sunburst mirror to an outdoor living or dining area can make it feel like a real room. Lanterns and decorative lighting can help a lot as well.

Create an Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Room4

Don’t really have a deck or a patio? You can create an outdoor room with the use of strategically placed screens, curtains, or a row of plants. Inexpensive bamboo screens or tall plants in easy-to-transport planters are great for this. Arrange then in such a way that simulates walls.

Go Ahead and Use Real Furniture

Outdoor Room5

If you live where theweather is relatively mild for spring and summer, then you can use your indoor furniture for your new outdoor room. You can also use thrift store finds, paint them with exterior-safe paint to protect them from the elements and voila! You’ve got yourself some outdoor furniture!

Rug it Up

Outdoor Room6

Simply laying down a rug can create such a huge impact in defining a space. A rug under some outdoor furniture will help mark down an outdoor area as a living space. It looks fancy and pretty too! Be sure to use an outdoor-safe rug for good measure!

Be Creative

Outdoor Room7

Any outdoor space can be converted into an outdoor room. Your porch can easily be one with just a rug, a couple of chairs, maybe some flowing curtains, and a light source. You’d be surprised at the transformation!

Inspired by this post? Don’t forget the 3 key elements of a fabulous outdoor room! A rug, some decorations, and very comfy furniture are all you need. With a bit of creativity, you’re on your way to enjoying the best of outdoor living summer has to offer!

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