Farmhouse Details for a Homey Living Room

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Living rooms need not look formal. If any, it makes your living room seem like an unused room of the house because it is ‘too nice’ for actual use. There’s a reason why the living room is called The Living Room – and that is because people are supposed to use it! There’s certainly nothing wrong with a lived-in comfortable look; so if you want to achieve a casual, well-worn vibe in your living room, take a look at the farmhouse design details below!

Use Old Fashioned Lighting


You can easily beckon an antique farmhouse touch with some outdoor-style lanterns and gooseneck barn lights. Metallic candle-like sconces will also do the trick!

Decorate with Dried Herbs


There’s just something about dried herbs that gives off a cosy feel. Try arranging some on a vase or hang bundles over the fireplace.

Sunflowers Everywhere!


Sunflowers in baskets or jars make for a nice and easy decorating touch in the living room. They’re great in other rooms of the house as well so getting a bunch would be a great idea!

Go for Informal Seating


You won’t want your living room’s seating area to be so formal and tailored. Opt for a farmhouse style with an eclectic mix of wicker chair, leather chaise, and pair that with a comfy couch. This will facilitate conversation as well as make the living room feel more inviting.

Use Reclaimed Barn Boards


You can repurpose reclaimed barn boards to make table tops for coffee tables or perhaps a DIY accent wall. They certainly go well with lanterns and wooden details.

Get a Rustic Table


Antique farm tables are great living room accent pieces. Not only do they work well as a library table and a coffee table, they also add a certain depth of character that’s hard to beat.

Use Reclaimed Beams


Reclaimed beams can be used to create accent pieces, converted to a patinated mantle, or even used as structural support to your existing ceiling. They can also be incorporated into custom furniture for a totally unique look.

Get a Braided Rug


Braided rugs evoke a nostalgic feeling of simpler times as they used to be made out of fabric scraps back in the day. They add colour and can make a formal living room feel warmer and more casual.

A Wood Stove


Whether solely for decorative purposes or a functional one installed instead of a fireplace, wood stoves can add a rustic charm and both figurative and literal warmth to a room.

Salvaged Pieces as Architectural Accents


Salvaged pieces used as artwork gives off a rustic and down-to-earth feel. They look really pretty too!

A Quilt or Two


Draped casually over a sofa or neatly folded and placed on a table, quilts can make any house feel like a home.

A Sign


Either propped on a wall, over a table, or hanging from a wall, a sign really seals the deal!

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