Points to be Remembered while selling your Home

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Selling homes and abodes(foreclosures, multi-family homes, condos, angular houses,townhousesetc.) is not an easy task. Homes for sale is not just about placing an advertisementon portals like Craigslist or just a classified advertisement in newspapers. You need to do something to stand it out in the cut throat competitions. A home should not be sold under the situation of financial duress. You should plan things and keep sufficient time to straighten things for your homes for sale.


Determine the age of various household items as they have shelf life,

  • Wood gravel and shake roof
  • Central air-conditioning component
  • Electric water heater
  • Gutter
  • Garage


Check out the basic problems,

  • Wood decayand rot around door frames, window ledges and garage,
  • Water stains, leaky roof or rain seeping on the ceiling or
  • Leaking around sinks, wash basins, toilets.
  • Bulges around or under carpet or staining on hardwood floors

·         Functioning of cracks on the walls and floor, doors, broken handles on wood cabinets


You should look for repair or replacement of various household items and basic problems inside your home to make its condition perfect. You can also hire services of Home Inspector engage a Realtor for pre-inspection and pinpoint all problems starting from outdated wiring, electrical switches to problem in plumbing. Thereafter, you should look for automatic valuation models through websites for valuation of your house.


Selling a home is a challenging task and you are expected to face various kinds of problems and challenges of selling your home. Problems encountered in selling homes can be enlisted as below:

·         Finding out the rightagent, who is reputed and experienced, it depends on your search and time spent in the process

·         Facing Saturated Market: Generally you may not like to sell when the market is tight. So, you will generally wait for the period when you can receive viable offer or best valued price for your home.

·         Keeping an Initial asking rate: If it is undervalued or too low, there may be wrong perception whereas if it overvalued or is set high, your home may be ignored. You should decide with the available tools.

·         Maintenance and Repairs: All required maintenance and repairs should be carried out in advance before you decide to enlist your home for sale.

·         Selling at a Loss: Generally, it is not desired proposition but the positive side is the availability of tax deductions.

The process of selling home requires following steps,

·         Receiving Offers: After you make the house ready for sale and get it enlisted, offers should come in. It depends upon you whether you accept, reject, or make a counter offer.

·         If you accept any viable offer, you are most likely to get the earnest money from the proposer, and hence, escrow gets set up.

·         Thereafter, you need to submit all available documentation,tax receipts and warranties to the escrow holder.

·         The buyer may like to have an inspection of the house.

·         Closing is scheduled till the buyer obtains required finances and as per the terms of the escrow and purchase agreements.



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