Quality Real Estate Photography is Key in Marketing Your Home

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Now more than ever, quality real estate photography is key in marketing your home.  If you have not sold a house in a while the internet has drastically changed the playing field for home buyers and home sellers.

Home Buyer Behavior

First it is important to look at the internet and current home buyer behavior.  Even 10 years ago the internet was still in its infancy delivering information to buyers.  Home buyers were still relatively reliant on real estate agents to identify homes.

Fast forward to now.  The internet has put every home listed by a real estate agent at a home buyers finger tips with in hours if not minutes of it coming to the market. Home buyers do not need their agents to tell them a particular home has hit the market.  Literally there are 1000's of websites consumers can go to to see the inventory of homes that are available for sale on the market.

The internet also allows home buyers to remain anonymous.  They only contact an agent when they are compelled by what they see to schedule a showing.  In many ways, your homes first showings are online.  If they like what they see they call, if they don't they move on.

Quality Real Estate Photographs is Key in Marketing Your Home

A recent study shows how important quality real estate photography is in the marketing of your home.  Over 60% of a home buyer's time is spent looking at photographs.  If they like what they see they will look at a homes specifications... taxes, room sizes, heating systems, etc....  Often the description is even superfluous and overlooked by buyers.

15 years ago some real estate agents were still having film developed to upload photos to the internet then over the next 5 years almost everyone was using a digital point and shoot camera.  This was the norm.  Most real estate photography was just darn right bad to barely acceptable. 

Today a new breed has been born.  The real estate photographer.  They quickly photograph 1-4 houses a day for a few hundred dollars, providing 15-30 quality photographs to agents.  While the results are not necessarily Architectural Digest quality they are far better than what was produced years ago.  Or alternatively there are some agents that have taken the time to improve their real estate photography skills to the point of being able to deliver the same results as a real estate photographer.

Your house is competing with other homes visually for home buyers attention.  If you have poor point and shoot quality photos taken in 15 minutes your home cannot compete with the many homes with quality photography results.  Out of focus, dark, poor color balance, crooked photos of homes that are not in proper showing condition will be overlooked by potential buyers for your home.

Is your Agent Providing Quality Real Estate Photographs?

By now you should understand the importance of good real estate photographs in the marketing of your home.  If they have not included sample of the photography they are providing ask to see some samples.  Find out how they go about photographing your house.  Are they hiring a professional real estate photographer?  Do they have the skills to photograph your home themselves?

If not move on and find an agent that can present your home properly.  After pricing your home properly, quality real estate photographs are the most important marketing tool you have. 

Here is a small sample of the quality you should and need to expect to get the most for your home.

This article, Quality Real Estate Photography is Key in Marketing Your Home, has been provided by Kevin Vitali, your Tewksbury MA REALTOR.  Kevin can help sell your Tewksbury home or any home throughout the Merrimack Valley.  Good home marketing starts with great real estate photography!


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