Checklist for Selling a Home

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 Checklist for Selling a Home

There is a lot of work that goes into selling a home. Having an organized checklist for selling a home with all of the things you will have to do will help you take this process one step at a time!

You can interview multiple local real estate agents before you settle on the one you want to sell your home, and they can help you personalize this checklist for selling a home with what you need to do to get your home sold. Completing this checklist for selling a home in the beginning steps of the process of selling a house will help you have a smoother home selling experience.


  • Hire a real estate agent - They will save you money in the end!
  • Depersonalize! Get a head start on packing by putting away personal photos and items
  • Make the clutter disappear - While you’re packing up the photos, put away any additional unneeded items
  • Clean everything - You may even want to hire a maid to do a deeeeep clean of the home
  • Stage the home - Or at least try to modernize what you have and arrange it to make your home look bigger!
  • Contact your current mortgage company - Make sure you owe less than what your home is worth so that you can walk away from the sale without debt!
  • Do some market research! Find out what homes like yours are selling for
  • Know where you’re going - Home sales can be as quick as 30 days, be sure you have somewhere to go!
  • Curb Appeal - When you drive up to your home, what are you seeing? Curb appeal is huge when selling your home!
  • Be ready for showings - Buyers will be visiting your house to see if they want to purchase your home! Be sure to have a plan of how to get out of your home fast!
  • Do some repairs - Most buyers require a home inspection, if you know there are a few broken things around your house, you may want to fix those up so the buyers won’t be scared off
  • Let your friends know - You may not have to deal with the hassle of having buyers come see your home if you already know someone who is willing to purchase it!
  • Sign the listing docs from your agent when you’re ready to sell.
  • After your home is listed, be quick to sign documents from your agent! This will help your home selling process go much smoother!

The home selling process will be Checklist for Selling a Homemuch easier and stressful once

you have a checklist for selling a home! Having a real estate agent will help you through it will ensure that you are protected from being sued during or after the sale of your home. Having an experienced real estate agent on your side will also help you get the best price for your home and they will also market the home to get the right amount of traffic it needs. Contact Nevada Desert Realty at 702-509-1446 to receive a free home seller consultation.

Find out more about the home selling process here!

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