HESD Locksmith Services brings forth another efficient set of programs for its customers!

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August 18, 2016, California: With chances of being locked out of one's home or losing the key at the moment being a natural probability, it is essential that there be a locksmith in attendance near your house! Well, HESD Locksmith brings forth a plethora of services that ensures that in any situation, they are a perfect savior! 

With their multiple Locksmith Services, they can most definitely help people at every stage and ensure that their services are available round the clock throughout the week for people to call upon them in times of despair. Apparently, HESD Locksmith is taking the cake at every step!

At the launch event of this plethora of services titled, ‘Need Us? Call Us!’ Mr. Simon David, the Manager and Entrepreneur, HESD Locksmith stated that: ‘’we have launched another set of particular consumer-friendly services that are the most important feature of our already existing consumer services. 

With this particular function, our Emergency Locksmith Services will get a boost as more employees have been inducted into our organization, and that enables our services to reach the spot at an even lesser time. So, whether you are locked out of your house, or searching for a set of locksmith services for the safety of your office chambers, we are just a call away!’’


The additional feature of this already Trusted Locksmith services is that consumers can use them for setting up complete in their office, and with their variety of security measures, those safes are simply next to perfect. Clearly, HESD Locksmith Services is a company that not only believes in perfection but also practices that which it believes in. 

An excellent paradigm of this claim can be found in the words of Ms.Sanah Sarandon, who stated that she had taken help from HESD Locksmith to provide complete security to her office valve, and can surely vouch for this company.

“The way it has managed to maintain the safety of the lock is praiseworthy, and I am grateful to them for this work! I would surely recommend this for office purpose'', she deemed. Another paramount feature that has been added to this newly launched feature is the presence of greater number of Local Locksmith.

Though HESD Locksmith has always made its services available at the nearest location, however, with this scheme, the total numbers of operative centers are increasing, and therefore, they will be made available at a greater area!

While making an announcement regarding this, Sales Head, HESD Locksmith, Mr. Morris Sarandon stated that: ‘'Our primary motive happens to ensure that in the case of any problem associated with lock system of a house, consumers should have all options at their fingertips, not only a Local Locksmith.”

“We also intend to provide a variety of choices in regards to locks so that they have no major problem regarding this! We are delighted to present our consumers with this feature’’, he continued. Hence, this is news to celebrate about!


About the company:

HESD Locksmith Services have been operating in California region for more than a decade now with another five years to open their offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. They have a plethora of services to offer in regards to the handling of such lock devices and have undoubtedly become one of the best options in present times!


Contact details:

HESD Locksmith Services, California

(866) 931-5580

Monday through Sunday all day





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Frank Haim

As a locksmith company that was founded on the west coast of California in the early 90’s we found that working in a big city such as Los Angeles presented not only a great deal of work but people lacking proper security. We spent the next 2 years building out our business and working with residents around Los Angeles to make sure they had proper security that would keep any potential intruders out.


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