Clever Ways to Update Your Home Before a Sale

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Your home may look like it's dated back to the 1990s, which can hurt your chances of a lucrative sale in the future. Many homeowners are wary about any updates to the home, however, because they're concerned about cost. You can be clever with your updates so that the costs are relatively low. Think like a buyer, and pick out a project that excites you today.

Create an Accent Wall

Take a look around your home. The walls may be painted white across the entire property. This hue isn't a bad feature, but it can create a lackluster reaction in potential buyers. Consider a simple, accent wall. Select a wall that's not too large, such as a dividing wall between the living and dining spaces. Paint it a bold color, including blue, red or orange. Place an artwork piece in this area, and buyers will have a focal point to fixate on.

Swap Out the Hardware

Completely renovating the kitchen and dining room may be out of the question, but try a few inexpensive updates. Add new knobs to the kitchen cabinets, or swap out the table bases in the dining room. Any updated hardware will make all of the surrounding components look brand new to buyers. Hardware is available at local, home-improvement stores. Pick out a style that's timeless, and add it to the home. The installation process is usually a quick one so that you can streamline the project with other ones around the home.

Polish the Furniture

As you replace the hardware, you may want to give the cabinets, tables and chairs a good wipe-down session. Many homeowners have wood furniture that can use polish as a way to update the space. Buff out the polish so that the wood shines with the incoming sunlight. Buyers may not be bidding on the furniture in the home, but beautifying the space will help them see a future at the property.

Paint the Front Door

Painting the entire exterior of a home is a major project that may not be possible. As an alternative, paint the front door. This area will be scrutinized by buyers as they enter the property. A fresh, paint coat tells buyers that you put effort and pride into the home. Buyers may not notice that the rest of the structure has an old paint job. You might go a step further by pressure washing the exterior walls before painting the front door. Any efforts to clean the property will help it shine even better than before.

Add Fake Logs

Your fireplace might not be used in the traditional sense. There may be dust, old candles or photos perched in the firebox. Help your visitors with their property fantasies by adding fake logs to the fireplace. These logs are normally designed with realism in mind. Although they may not be lit, the logs remind visitors of cozy nights cuddling by the fire. This fantasy could encourage a bid on the home.

You may not feel comfortable with your chosen project at first. Research the details surrounding the work in order to properly prepare for it. Purchase every necessary material and tool before any work commences. You might find that the project is easier than you thought with a little research and learning time.

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