3 Things To Consider When Choosing An Area Rug For Your Home

Written by Posted On Monday, 17 October 2016 09:27


         Admittedly, there are many things to consider when decorating or re-decorating a home; color schemes, where a child’s photo should be placed on a mantle, and where to hide the quilt grandma so graciously gifted you last Christmas. One aspect often overlooked is where to purchase a rug and what kind of rug to choose to complete the finishing touch. Let’s cover the 3 most important things to consider when making your choice:



1.    Material quality.  At its core, material quality boils down to personal preference; however, there are a few that should stand out when selecting.  A durable, tough jute rug is always a favorite among interior designers. Maybe you’d like a softer material to have under your feet —in this case, a wool rug is much more comfortable in comparison. Depending on room theme, accenting the decor with a high-quality rug material brings the room together.



2.    Size and shape. Big or small? Rounded or cornered? Custom or cookie-cutter? All of these questions give homeowners and decorators gray hair. When you ask yourself these questions, think about the furniture in the room the rug could best accentuate. A rule of thumb: if you’re going to place a custom area rug beneath a piece of furniture, it needs to be at least the same length or a little longer than the furniture itself.  If your rug is placed under a couch or a coffee table, stick to square or cornered shape. If the rug is going to accent a love seat or be placed in the center of the room, a circular, more custom shaped rug is ideal. While selecting the perfect size may seem simple, for your home, it becomes a much more difficult choice. Following these guidelines should ease the pain.




3.    Where oh where should I place my rug? The final decision: room selection. First impressions are everything, so the living room or common area often comes to mind first. A beautiful cream rug is great eye candy for your guests. A strategically placed rug sets the tone for the rest of the home while maintaining the overall theme.  In reference to our first point of consideration, if you’ve decided to go with the more durable rug, consider placing it beneath the dining room to accentuate dinner tables and tough through the high foot traffic. Lots of foot traffic and the occasional food spill won’t be the end of your rug’s life, making the dining room a wise room choice. Take a look around, pick your room, and enjoy!





Now that we’ve covered the 3 most important things to consider when choosing an area rug for your home the rest is up to you. You have your material, you know what custom shape and size fits best, and you have the perfect spot picked out. All that’s left is to find that re-run of your favorite Friends episode and take it all in!

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