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5 Ways to Getting Your House Ready for an Inspection

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 18 October 2016 03:08


Who doesn’t like their house to remind them of the saying ‘Home Sweet Home’? We take so much pain in making our homes look comfy and also personalize it in our way so that when we get back from work, we feel peaceful and happy to see our beloved home.

It is a tough job indeed to keep it clean and manage it, especially if you have a relatively larger space and no help as well. But we all know that we need to keep our house neat and clean for a better quality of life.

So cleaning our homes starts at the very beginning. You’d have to sweep and mop up every room and move on to dusting off the dirt from all your precious show pieces. Your bed sheets, curtains, and wardrobes also need cleaning.

It is especially taxing when you have an inspection of your home and not much time to work on cleaning your house. Obviously, you’d like to put on a good show and make your home feel as inviting as possible. So here are few tips and tricks to help you jazz up home for an inspection!

1. Indulge in some air fresheners:

The first thing anyone notices when they enter into a place they have not stepped foot into before, is the smell. The second you open your door to guests the air inside escapes and reaches the people waiting out your door.

So it is very important that you invest in a good smelling, yet not too strong of a room freshener or an air freshener to keep the house smelling fresh and lively for hours and thus impressing your guests!

2. Coffee beans and Waffles anybody? 

When you have guests coming over or an inspection of sorts you should definitely keep some snacks ready. Boiling up some coffee beans not only provides you with a great refreshing cup of coffee but also gives your house a nice sophisticated sort of an ambiance due to its strong yet pleasing odor.

You could also bake delicious waffles which are definitely something anybody would look forward to.

3. Neat and clean sheets:

As your guests move into the bedrooms, the next thing they’d notice is the neatness and the cleanliness that prevails in the rooms where one sleeps. Obviously, this is one room that requires special attention as you rest and sleep in it.

So thus your guests too will expect a little extra when it comes to the bedrooms. Clean and pleasing-to-the-eye bed sheets, nice fluffy pillows, a large cozy blanket, clean rugs, carpets and curtains, small pots in your balcony with delicate greenery and so much more can be done to bring out your bedroom.

4. A proper place for everything:

Cluttering up your house is definitely not pleasing to the eye, and so you should decide a place for all things in your home and make sure they’re in there where you are expecting an inspection. This shows great presence of mind and thoughtfulness when it comes to taking care of your house and its things.

5. A neat presentation:

Finally what will speak volumes about you and your home is how you decide to show it off. Don’t go all out on dressing up your home but rather if you keep it neat and clean and personalize it, it will come off as a comfier and a pleasing environment. Don’t forget to take a good wash yourself and change into some nice, appropriate clothes in order to look presentable as well.

Thus it is not so hard to keep your home beautiful as ever if you know just where to strike! So keep calm and make your home your happy place today!


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