Getting Your Home Ready for Fall

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Fall is the season to gear up for the oncoming colder months, and what better way to do that by adding warm fall colours to welcome the season into your home? We’ve compiled some lovely fall decorating tips below to make your home cozier for the season ahead.

Display Nature’s Bounty

Fall Home Ideas

Got a traditional kitchen? You’re in luck! Simply adding a wreath, pops of red and orange, and perhaps some extra wooden elements can transform your kitchen into an autumn paradise. Pumpkins and dry leaves make a great addition too!

Fireside Dining

Fall Home Ideas2

Why not move your dinner table near the fireplace? You can opt for a long table with benches instead of chairs to accommodate the guests you’ll be having for the celebrations and gatherings later in the season. Don’t forget touches of orange in your tableware and centerpiece!

Update Your Bedroom

Fall Home Ideas3

Bring in accents in red ochre (fall’s most beloved leaf colour) in your bedroom to get it fall-ready. You can choose to add the colour in your beddings, accessories, flower vases, or perhaps an accent pillow or two.

Display Seasonal Outerwear

Fall Home Ideas4

This works great for a young man’s bedroom but can be adapted to other rooms in your home. Leave hooks, hangers, and shelves for your scarves, boots, and sweaters. Not only will this make them easy to grab, they can double as fall display too.

Cable Knits Everywhere!

Fall Home Ideas5

You don’t have to limit cable knits to your sweaters. Cable knit rugs, throws, pillows, and even tapestries exist! Display them to your heart’s content all through fall and winter!

Use Plush Accents

Fall Home Ideas6

Fluffy plush pillows and beddings speak of fall like nothing else. Now is the time to bring out gigantic plush floor pillows, accent throw pillows, and fluffy beddings.

Bring Out the Faux Furs!

Fall Home Ideas7

You need not use real fur to achieve the warm luxurious look that fur accents bring. A small faux fur throw at the foot of your bed or your lounger can work wonders!

Invest in Wool Blankets and Down Comforters

Fall Home Ideas8

Not only do down comforters and wool blankets make for fall-perfect accents, they’re functional and will surely keep you warm.

Get an Oversized Lounger

Fall Home Ideas9

This is the season to go ahead and indulge in an oversized lounger. Not only does an oversized lounger makes for a plush seating experience, its perfect for cuddling with a loved one too!

Exposed Log Storage

Fall Home Ideas10

Whether you choose for this to be indoors or outdoors, a stack of firewood has the power to stir up some cozy feelings. You don’t even need a functional fireplace to make use of this fall decorating trick!

Have an Outdoor Fire Pit

Fall Home Ideas11

Fall weather makes for a great alfresco dining experience as long as it is not too chilling outside. If it is, an outdoor fire pit should be your best friend. Looks fantastic too!

Use Lovely Ambient Light

Fall Home Ideas12

Whether from a lit fireplace or a collection of votives and scented candles, ambient light can make any room feel warm, cozy, sexy, mysterious, and inviting. Try this in your bedroom or bathroom for a spa-like experience.

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