Expanding your livng space: 10 clever attic renovation ideas

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If your family is outgrowing your current house and you’re in a desperate need of additional living space, don’t hurry to look into the ways to expand your house or buying a new one.

With the help of remodeling contractors of HireRush.com, make the full use of the space your home has to offer and transform your attic from a giant dump that contains all the things you’ll probably never use again into a comfortable play room or a music room for your kids, a bedroom for your teenage child who needs his/her private space, an office for yourself or for your spouse, a spacious living room or a guest bedroom and a sitting area all in one.

These attic renovation ideas and tips will help you get inspired for an upcoming remodel, as well as decide on what you want your new attic to look like.

attic living space

Tips for sucessful attic renovation

1.       If you’re going to remodel your attic and expose it to the regular use, it’s better to hire and experienced engineer or a handyman first in order to get a professional view on whether your attic may be used as a living space or not. He must decide and give his expert opinion on the foundation and attic framing and say if it may sustain an additional furniture load and constant use.

2.       Regarding the first tip, always bear in mind the weight limits set by the expert examination while buying furniture for the attic and installing new floors.

3.       As the attic is exposed to the outdoor weather conditions the most, the first thing you need to write down in your attic renovation plant is to hire spray foam insulation contractors to get your attic properly insulated and suitable for living during both hot and cold seasons.

4.       Make the floors stronger. As the attics aren’t normally designed for the permanent use as a living space, it’s better to provide additional support for the flooring and fill its base with dense insulation to eliminate the noise the attic activity might cause.

5.       Choose carpets for the attic floors to mute the sound of steps even more.

6.       Consider adding a window to let more natural light into the room and make it much brighter. A skylight will be an incredible way to introduce natural light to the area you need it the most, as well as make the space quite modern and open.

7.       If you want to turn your attic into a bedroom (or at least a part of it), it’s probably better to build an attic bathroom as well. It won’t be comfortable for a person who has an attic room to constantly come downstairs to use a bathroom, will it? Thus, you’ll need to cooperate with a plumber to get all the plumbing (pipes, drains, appliances) set up.

8.       Attics are known for poop ventilation, which is caused by smaller windows and direct exposure of the ceiling to the outside world. That’s why I recommend choosing a powerful ceiling fan as one of the central lighting fixtures for the attic and finding an electrician to install it as an effective way to improve the ventilation situation and make the space more comfortable for a human. As you’re going to invite an electrician anyway, it’s better to plan out the attic wiring and get it installed and connected to the general power system of your house professionally to avoid electric system failures and overloads.

9.       Due to the number of reasons, related to the attic construction, it will be a lot hotter than the rest of the house in summer, and a lot cooler in winter. That’s why you should as the HVAC services to establish a heating and cooling system with a separate thermostat at the attic to be able to regulate the temperature according to your needs without making the rest of the house too warm or too cold.


10.   Take the declined ceiling into consideration while planning the furniture layout and minimize the discomfort caused by it by setting up the things you don’t need to use while standing up and things you may reach while standing up at a taller point of the place (like storage cabinets, shelving units, couches and desks) at the lowest points of the attic to use up the whole space without creating too many ‘forehead hitting attractions’.

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