10 Ways to Use Fall Colors Year-Round

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Golds, oranges, browns, and burgundies need not be just seen around fall. If you love these colours, then you’ll like the 10 ways you can incorporate them into your home’s design year-round below!

An Accent Wall

Fall Home Ideas

Whether you want to go for a solid wall painted in gold, brown, shades of red, or orange or perhaps use some unique wallpaper, you’ll surely enjoy the end results. Fall colours also tend to be appetite-stimulating colours so using them for an accent wall in the dining room or kitchen would be just perfect!

An Attention-Grabbing Interior Door

Fall Home Ideas2

There’s no need to limit attention-grabbing door colours for the front door when they work just as nicely for interior doors too. A deep red door can work for an office, orange will be great for interiors with lots of wooden accents, and gold will be fantastic for a vanity or a walk-in closet.

A Richly-Hued Flooring

Fall Home Ideas3

Red tiles or a rug with reds, oranges, and browns can add amazing richness to an otherwise monotone palette. They also make a room feel much more welcoming too.

Striking Bath Fixtures

Fall Home Ideas4

How does a cascade of golden tiles sound like for your shower? Or a marbled free-standing tub in warm colours? You might be surprised at how well fall colours look like in the bathroom.

An Interesting Nook or Niche

Fall Home Ideas5

A rich burgundy or a loud orange can give your nooks and niches some much-needed love as they tend to draw the eye to themselves. Used the right way, this technique can highlight structural elements in your home and help create a warm inviting vibe that you’ll surely appreciate.

For Window and Door Trim

Fall Home Ideas6

Neutral toned colours or wooden hues are the usual ones people pick for their door and window trims. Why not dare to be different and spice things up by going for bolder fall tones? Red would look amazing framing a window overlooking a garden, after all, red can tend to make greens look even greener.

For Countertops

Fall Home Ideas7

If you haven’t seen red marble, then you ought to! Deep reds and oranges work well for countertops and will help make your kitchen even more inviting. Both colours stimulate appetite too!

For Kitchen Appliances

Fall Home Ideas8

Stainless steel is often the choice for kitchen appliances but some manufacturers make refrigerators, ovens, and coffee machines in various colours. Red would be great for any kitchen but a bright yellow can look nice too!

For Your Ceiling

Fall Home Ideas9

Not a fan of accent walls? No biggie, use your ceiling to add a splash of warmth to any room. You can opt for a mural, a certain painting technique, or simply paint your ceiling in a solid hue. Simply make sure that your ceiling will not be too contrasting with your walls and furniture.

For Your Lighting

Fall Home Ideas10

A yellowish or warm light can create an amazing ambience. That’s why candle lit dinners are so romantic! Replace some bulbs in your home with a warm daylight bulb and embrace having your little dose of warmth even in the coldest of days.

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