Guide for Mixing chairs in Dining Room

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Mix and match dining sets are trending this year and they certainly make a great look. This trend is present in many popular styles, such as modern, eclectic, bohemian etc. However, this dining room style is more than just putting some chairs together, there are some rules to be followed, but creating this mixed style is very budget friendly.

Different Styles, Same Colors

If you like to keep your home simple, but still a bit fun, consider choosing different styles of chairs. Pick one color that fits into the dining room design and experiment with shapes. This can be a combination of modern and classic chairs, various modern shapes or whatever comes into your mind. Another fun idea is mixing the materials, but make sure they are in the same color. This way you are providing a fun note into your dining room, without disturbing the flow of colors.

Coco chairs

Same Styles, Different Colors

Old wooden chairs can become boring. However, instead of throwing them out, repainting in some new colors will suffice. You can choose different color for each chair and instantly change the dynamics of your dining room. However, you should choose the colors that have the same lightness or darkness. For example, you can choose different colors of pastels, midtones or brights, but never mix these values together. That will create chaos, making the room unpleasant and unnerving. You can do the same for any other material or set of chairs; just remember not to experiment too much with different colors. Also, colorful chairs look great in monochromatic and neutral dining rooms, since they break the monotonous feel.

Shop at Different Places

There is a small chance that you will find a mixed set of chairs in any store; and if you do find it, it will probably cost a fortune. So, instead of devoting months to such search, try shopping at different furniture stores. Look at furniture for different rooms and see what you can fit into your dining room (I suggested to look offers by Coco Republic). Sometimes a stylish living room chair can look great in the dining room, so why not try it? Pick different styles and colors from different stores and incorporate those chairs in your dining room. However, remember to pick the chairs of same height and similar dimensions in order to properly fit them all around the dining table and provide enough space for everyone.

Coco dining set

Different Upholsters

Some classic and rustic styles don’t like mixing of different shapes and styles of chairs. If you do that, the whole dining room might look too confusing and misbalanced. In order to avoid such chaos, but provide a fun note into your dining room, you can consider different upholsters or cushions for each chair. This is your chance to play with different fabrics and patterns that can elegantly elevate the style of your dining room. If the whole design is rather classic you can mix several different classic patterns in different colors and refresh the old chairs you have.

Same Chairs in Complementary Colors

Choosing the same chairs in complementary colors is the easiest way to pull off this new trend. Commit to contrasting colors and make the dining set black and white; or you can opt for more vivid colors such as a pair of black and green chairs, baby blue and baby rose, yellow and orange etc. If you mix the colors of chairs like this, you can easily fit them in any interior design and elevate the atmosphere.

Add a Bench on the Side

Adding a bench is another easy and interesting way to break up the set. Also, a long bench on one side instead of two chairs is perfect if you want to mix the colors of the same family. Another advantage is that you can fit more people around the table and it is a perfect solution for smaller spaces. Choose a bench that complements the design the most, but you can choose an upholstered one for comfort or a wooden one for a sleeker look.

Monochromatic boring dining rooms are just not fun anymore. Mix the chairs and their styles and colors a bit and you will instantly transform your dining room. Don’t be afraid to experiment, just don’t forget to measure twice and complement the style of your home a bit.

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